Yomogi Emarl

Yomogi Emarl
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Yomogi Emarl was Kyo Ethnina's childhood friend and traveling companion. She is now working with Kizuna Kazayama to fight against the waves.She has a strong sense of justice, forthcoming, a reckless personality, and a deep trust in her friends. However, she seems to be very gullible, as Kyo could hide all his evil actions from her and manipulate her into attacking his enemies, making her think that it was all of her own volition. Nevertheless, although she wants to believe in her friends, it doesn't cloud her judgment, as she's finally able to see the truth behind the machinations of Kyo and decide to end him. Yomogi was disturbed by her realization of her gullible personality. She went berserk, whenever she meets the harems of the reincarnated individual who greatly reminds her of her past-self. She desperately fights them off and pushes her memory behind.

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