Yoriko Kichijouji

Yoriko Kichijouji
Original Name
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Kichijōji Yoriko
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Popularity # 11561
Like # 12563
Trash # 7222

Yoriko Kichijouji is a supporting character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. She is the mangaka behind the popular manga series I'll Go With Sweet Today and was the mentor of Abiko Samejima, the mangaka of Tokyo Blade. Yoriko sports a bob-cut hairstyle with a light blonde appearance and circle glasses. In Chapter 43, she is seen wearing a white and black striped shirt and a black jacket on her meeting with Abiko. Yoriko appears to be carefree, outgoing, and lax. Part of this could be due to her manga's monthly serialization, not needing to worry about immediate deadlines and the like: juxtaposed by Abiko's polar-opposite personality and serialization schedule. Yoriko is considerate of others and their circumstances, though this could be seen as her not being good at being critical. Due to her skills as a mangaka, she has the talent of telling what kind of person another mangaka is by reading their work, and is well versed in the ins and outs of the manga industry, be it the editing side and the hurdles mangaka have to go through to create their work.

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