Yosetsu Awase Husbando

Yosetsu Awase
Place of Origin
Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth
November 7th
172.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 10384
Like # 13266
Trash # 4752

Yosetsu Awase , also known as Welder, is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Yosetsu has long black hair, spiked upwards and backward to his left, and rounded gray eyes, tilted inwards. He wears a wide, zig-zag patterned headband around his forehead, pulled down quite low, to keep his hair out of his eyes. His hero costume consists of a burgundy, baggy, full body suit, its collar passing his chin. He wears shoulder pads and a bag on his belt in which he keeps various items, including blocks of wood and metal to aid his Quirk. He also switches out his usual zig-zagged headband for a striped one. Although he is not as social as some others, Yosetsu is foul-mouthed and tense, except for serious or life-or-death situations, in which he becomes very easily startled and much more talkative, although he retains his harsh way of speech. Yosetsu is very selfless, as he continued to carry Momo Yaoyorozu even though the Chainsaw Nomu was catching up with him, refusing to leave her behind despite her slowing him down. He is also willing to put himself in danger to fulfill a plan, despite showing fear. He is also said to be very proud of his Quirk and confident in his abilities with it.

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