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Yoshi (ヨシ, Yoshi) is a female Bount under the service of Jin Kariya. Yoshi has dark green teal hair and wears a purple traditional Manchurian style qipao with beige pants. Her eyebrows are often furrowed and her eye color is green. She appears to only be concerned about power, and was eager to drink souls collected from the Bitto. However, after invading the Soul Society, she reveals she only agreed to help Jin Kariya because it would be fun. In her last moments, she tells Uryū Ishida that she had fun battling him. She is rather fond of conflict and bloodlust. Also, much like the latter, at times she resorts to underhanded methods in order to win. The best known example was when she took a young soul hostage and threatened to kill her during her fight with Rukia Kuchiki in Soul Society. Yoshi's relationship with Mabashi is somewhat strained as the latter frequently refers to her as "old lady", which leads to verbal and physical clashes between the two. Also, after Mabashi's death at the hands of Captain Suì-Fēng and his own Doll, Yoshi is rather satisfied and called him "trash."

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