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Yoshi is a supporting character of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series. She is a high school student and one of Nagatoro's friends. Yoshi is a simple-minded and somewhat childlike air-headed girl as well as a sort of sidekick within the 'cool kids' clique, which Gamo-chan, Sakura and Nagatoro herself are part of. She usually imitates or repeats her friends' gestures or last words and follows around Gamo-chan, helping whatever schemes she has in mind, especially teasing Senpai. Her full name is currently unknown. Yoshi is an attractive, average-statured high schooler with long, dirty-blonde hair pinned back in tight pigtails (occasionally low ones), with a distinctive curly cowlick right on the top of her head. She has milky skin - only slightly darker than Senpai's - and large, somewhat absent-looking, hazel eyes. Both of her lobes are pierced, and she always wears stud pearl-like earrings. She was the second tallest out of Nagatoro's friends, until Sakura reached her height, albeit they are both several inches below Gamo-chan; however at the beginning of the story Yoshi was just a couple of inches taller than Nagatoro and had a very modest bust size, yet during the summer she underwent some puberty changes that at first made her taller and then turned her physique from skinny to curvy - with a slight hint of chubbiness - earning her the second-biggest bosom among her clique, though this has some consequences as she often appears slightly hunched over due to the weight, albeit she remained impressively athletic. Yoshi usually sports a vacant open-mouthed cat smile that signifies her lack of intelligence; also her pigtails fly up whenever she's surprised or excited. She typically wears her school uniform consisting of a white button-up shirt (with loose sleeves and the collar never buttoned) and a navy blue skirt completed with a pair of sneakers and light soccer socks. However, in summer she wears a short-sleeved shirt in her uniform, while in winter she is shown to wear a light brown sweater and occasionally a blue blazer. She is also always seen wearing a spare hair tie as a bracelet on her right wrist. When not at school her wardrobe consists of t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers/sandals, meaning, she's not one to groom herself. All her casual clothes have animal-related patterns. Yoshi appears as an energetic, enthusiastic, and willing individual with a childlike and simple-minded attitude. She's prone to talk in a loud, spontaneous, manner and has a habit of mimicking other characters' actions as well as repeating the last word they said like a parrot. Generally speaking, she's seen as only a tag-along to Gamo-chan and doesn't seem to have a personality of her own. However, her antics are less mischievous than that of her friends and she's much more of an openly sweet person who doesn't enjoy inflicting pain or mocking others, but rather does what the other girls do due to peer pressure. Her loyalty and affection toward her friends are such that she is thrown into panic and confusion whenever Gamo-chan and Nagatoro butt heads because she's equally close to both of them, sometimes even trying to be the peacemaker between the two. However, as the story progresses, Yoshi seemingly matures, eventually standing up to Gamo-chan and convincing her not to get in the way of Nagatoro's date, as well as deciding on her own what to do during their free activity day in Kyoto. Described as "a natural airhead", Yoshi displays an evident lack of intelligence, is not particularly bright, always appears absent-minded, often needing an explanation for even the most obvious things, failing in understanding something even when repeated more than once, or even, as shown in an extra sketch of Volume 4, getting lost very frequently in crowded places. She is ranked as the lowest among her clique for academic skills. Her character profile refers to her as a "moron". Regardless of this, many of her quirks seem to come from a deep insecurity, as whenever asked what she wanted to do, Yoshi defers to Gamo-chan or Nagatoro for guidance, further proving her lack of confidence. She's also very fearful and easily impressionable, getting scared every time Nagatoro scolds her, when they are confronted by the President, and even admitting to being afraid of crossing the road when the traffic light is 'blinky'. As revealed in the Official Fanbook, she is a very pure and kind girl, so shy and meek to even having trouble saying "hi" to someone she knows if meeting said person casually. In early chapters, she is shown to be very socially driven and popular among boys, even more than Gamo-chan and Nagatoro, and is often seen flirting with them or being approached by guys with flirting intentions. Due to this, Yoshi often tries to act as the matchmaker for her friends, planning various double dates. However, this flirtatious aspect is downplayed in later chapters and mostly overtaken by Sakura, leading the latter to be depicted as the matchmaker in the anime adaptation while Yoshi, as demonstrated later on in the story, when the girls talk about romance is the only one who is not questioned since - as shown in a bonus strip of Volume 14 - her friends deemed it "too soon" for her. Her hidden depths are her love for animals, dogs in particular and being extremely physically affectionate, tending to externalize her affections to others with frequent hugs and caresses which, combined with a very low sense of personal space, prompt her to have an obsession to touch Senpai's hair due to how fluffy it is. She is also implied to be a closet geek, being a fan of "One Piece" and "YuYu Hakusho", enjoying Junji Ito's work, managing to identify the Fusion Dance from "Dragon Ball Z", knowing specific shōgi moves like "murisuji", and often mentioning genre movie actors such as Ichikawa Ebizō XI, besides actually really appreciating Senpai's manga. Furthermore, she's an amazingly skilled mascot designer and is regarded as a "cuteness aficionado" by her friends. Yoshi also enjoys singing very much, though she is extremely tone-deaf. She is also extremely athletic, loves the beach, is capable of effortlessly skiing down a pro course with the snowboard and is likely the most physically performing out of all her friends, has proven to be capable of almost inhuman feats such as possessing enough strength to constrict someone with one hand, or running at such an amazing speed to act as a windbreak. Also, she has impressive eyesight, remarkable observation skills and a surprisingly good knowledge of French and especially English, as well as classic Chinese poetry and philosophy. Yoshi is the most gluttonous of the girls' group, eating everything regardless of how unhealthy it may be. Most background scenes that show her will depict her eating something. Yoshi usually refers to Senpai as "Sense", as short for "Manga no Sensei".

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