Yoshino Sōma

Yoshino Sōma
Original Name
相馬 芳野
Romaji Name
Sōma Yoshino
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Yoshino Sōma (相馬 芳野, Sōma Yoshino) is one of the Bount and Jin Kariya's former wife. Yoshino is a tall woman with chest-length brown hair that parts over her forehead in a large, leftward-facing bang, pale violet eyes, and thin eyebrows. She wears red lipstick and a faded green dress with a popped collar encircled by a red tie ending in a flat edge and purple frills lacing the bottom; the dress is divided into two halves gently curving away from each other at the front of her midsection and is colored maroon in a bra-like portion over her breasts, with the section below this being colored orange-gray instead. Underneath this, Yoshino wears a short, dark shirt that leaves her midriff bare, blue-gray pants with a light gray arrow pointing downward at her crotch at the front of the waist, and plain brown shoes. Many centuries ago, when living among Humans, Yoshino wore a light pink and plain dress with a fluffy white collar around her neck and a white hood covering her head. As a Bount created using Ran'Tao's Soul as a template, Yoshino shares many physical similarities with the latter, most noticeably in her face

purple eyes
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