Yosuke Hanamura Husbando

Yosuke Hanamura
Original Name
花村 陽介
Romaji Name
Hanamura Yōsuke
Appears In
Persona 4
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 22nd 1994
175.00 cm
58.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 3494
Like # 3576
Trash # 2961

Yosuke Hanamura is a playable character from Persona 4. He is the protagonist's classmate at Yasogami High School in Inaba and the son of the Junes Department Store's Inaba branch manager. Yosuke is a clumsy transfer-student who arrived six months before the protagonist. He is often the target for jokes about his lack of muscles and body strength. He fights with blunt, double-handed objects such as wrenches, but more so knives and kunai. The protagonist first sees him crashing his bike into a garbage can, the first of many times, but the protagonist ignores him. The protagonist only helps him the second time this happens. He cares deeply about Saki Konishi and fell into depression after her death. Much of his character development stems from his feelings for Saki and dealing with the hurtful possibility that Saki probably never felt the same way about him that he did for her. At first Yosuke would be extremely considerate and cheery, but that would be a facade in his fear of being alone. Following his confrontation of his Shadow, Yosuke would become more honest with himself as to protect his friends: rather, he would normally come across as insensitive or an outright jerk and unintentionally insulting someone. One of his more common traits is poking fun at Kanji Tatsumi for "being attracted to men," likely wanting Kanji to come to terms with his insecurities surrounding his uncertainties with his sexual orientation and snap out of his confusion. He uses this sharp tongue in a lot of situations, generally being insulting in that sense. He does butt heads with Chie Satonaka at times, who will often criticize him for his rude behavior: she would scold him for constantly making fun of Kanji for something that long became obvious that it wasn't funny. He can be rather spiteful too, such as with Teddie, letting him get carried away by Hanako Ohtani, over Teddie showing a porn magazine to Yosuke's family and embarrassing him: Chie would put the blame on Yosuke for having these stuff in the first place, though Yosuke insisted that he didn't want to show it to others to begin with. Even then, Yosuke does have a soft spot for Teddie and cares for him, no matter what he says, and felt bad when Teddie got crushed flat over Hanako as his punishment went too far. He tends to be a bit of a wannabe ladies' man and has a fascination for girls, forcing the girls to enter a beauty pageant. But beneath most of that (more so in the original game), he shows great insight with decent deducing, and is often on task with the situation on hand, and can be very serious at times. He also tends to keep a good face in order to make sure the team is in their best spirits and he cares a lot about the protagonist, as well as having a strong sense of justice. He's good with people's emotions, offering assistance at Junes. Despite his tendency to be a bit of a pushover, he has a strong vision of the future and displays uncanny deductive reasoning. Being an idol fan, Yosuke gets very excited when he sees his favorite idols like Rise Kujikawa or Kanami Mashita. However, he later sees them as friends after seeing their insecurities. His biggest insecurities are boredom and loneliness. He feels the town has nothing compared to the city and that his life in the city is the reason for his unpopularity. By the end of the game, he has grown to love the town and has made friends with the rest of the Investigation Team and feels accomplished in having a notable contribution to the group. Along with that, he is described by the other members of the Investigation Team as too nice, even by his own words. This is evident in Persona Q (Persona 4 route in one of the strolls) and by himself in the Persona 4: Dancing All Night storyline (in the pre-story chapter, after Rise is doing her entry). Regardless, his skills in deduction and reasoning place him as the second-in-command of the Investigation Team, as it is hinted that he often discusses things with Yu the most regarding the team's final decisions.

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