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Yu Ishigami
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March 3rd
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Yu Ishigami is one of the protagonists in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. He is a second-year high school student at Shuchi'in Academy, the Treasurer of the 67th and 68th Student Council, a former member of the Cheer Club and Culture Festival Committee, and the Vice President of the 69th Student Council. Yu is a good-looking, albeit gloomy, teenage boy of a slim build with chin-length black hair that covers the left side of his face; he typically wears a dull expression further amplified by his black eyes. In the past, Yu described himself as being a jock. He had an athletic build and short hair that resembled Tsubasa Tanuma's. However, years of inactivity led him to lose his muscle. Yu is a reserved and somewhat gloomy student who would rarely show up to the student council meetings, preferring to do most of his work at home. He normally spends most of his time playing video games by himself, as he is generally be disliked by the other students due to an incident that occurred in his past. Yu has an incredibly cynical and depressing outlook on life, often going on long rants against youth and the other students who he refers to as “normies”. This discontent very obviously comes from his own misery and loneliness as he seems very jealous of the guys who are popular and manage to get themselves a girlfriend. Yu can be quite awkward at times, making statements that cause others to see him as a creep. That being said, he is quite snarky and is often the one to make sarcastic remarks pertaining to the situations he gets in. Despite his negative attitude, Yu is a kind and well-meaning student who suffers from an inferiority complex and he is ultimately willing to help others in need, even if it means sacrificing his own pride, and even advised Kaguya Shinomiya to not associate herself with him simply because it may lower her reputation. Yu enjoys playing video games and reading manga. He also has wide knowledge about otaku culture, such as how mangaka or anime production works, as well as manga tropes. Despite this, he hides the fact that he is into anime due to a fear of being called an otaku and only ever discussed it with Miyuki Shirogane. He also listens to anime music.

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