Yūgao Uzuki

Yūgao Uzuki
Original Name
Uzuki Yūgao (卯月夕顔)
Romaji Name
Appears In
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 3rd
169.20 cm
50.50 kg
Blood Type
65.00 cm
70.00 cm
80.00 cm
Popularity # 2868
Like # 3528
Trash # 1320

Yūgao Uzuki is an Anbu of Konohagakure. She is a young woman with straight, purple hair reaching down to her waist, and has large warm brown eyes on her angular face. Yūgao wears a porcelain mask resembling a cat with three red stripes — one vertical stripe on the forehead and two horizontal stripes, one on each cheek. She also wears the standard Anbu uniform, consisting of black and grey armour, metal arm guards and a katana strapped to her back. She has the signature Anbu tattoo on her right shoulder that looks of cylindrical tribal nature. Yugao is a highly skilled kunoichi and was allowed to join the Anbu because of her talents. she seems to be a caring and loyal person.

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