Yui Samidare

Yui Samidare
Original Name
五月雨 結
Romaji Name
Samidare Yui
Appears In
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 31st
Blood Type
Popularity # 27199
Like # 25915
Trash # 26493

Yui Samidare is one of the protagonists and a participant of the many Duel Noir murder cases featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri. Yui gives her assistance to Kyoko Kirigiri, who is younger by three years. Her initial DSC number is 888; as the story progresses, she is promoted, and her DSC becomes 885. Yui is a 16-year-old teenage high school girl. She is tall and has green eyes, red glasses, and short brown hair with a few blonde streaks. She wears a dark green sweater on top of a white, collared shirt with a red ribbon. She is described by many including Suisei Nanamura as having very powerful legs. She usually wears culotte shorts instead of a skirt, unlike her classmates. Yui also wears leather boots as part of her uniform in school and detective work. She always carries a red backpack, where she keeps her important detective supplies. During the Twelve Duel Noir Challenge, she wears a dark green coat. Yui is a very normal high school girl, but she doesn't like to talk about her family. Her detective skills are average compared to Kyoko, though she is still very intelligent. She sees detectives as people who should fight for justice. She gives off the image of a reliable older sister. Yui seems thoughtless sometimes for a detective, but those instances are rare and she's more often reasonable and analytical. Yui is very cautious every time she starts an investigation. As a detective, Yui is not as skilled as Kyoko but has solved a lot of cases on her own. At times, Yui can be very protective; this is commonly seen when she tries to protect Kyoko whenever she’s in trouble. Her protectiveness comes from her past trauma when her younger sister was murdered years before she became a detective. This became one of the main reasons she sometimes exhibits trust issues, and one of the reasons she became a detective. Because of Yui living almost on her own a lot of the time, she sometimes has a hard time relating to certain people and subjects, because she has lived on her own and has been working as a detective ever since her sister was murdered. Because of the event, Yui can take things more seriously than someone else might. She may even risk her own life by trying to solve mysteries and protecting the people she holds an affection to (e.g. Kyoko Kirigiri). As the chapters progress, Yui has more confidence in herself and is now more skilled at solving detective cases on her own.

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