Yuji Itadori Husbando

Yuji Itadori
Original Name
Romaji Name
Itadori Yūji
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 20th 2003
173.00 cm
80.00 kg
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Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is the son of Jin Itadori and Kaori Itadori. Yuji is the grandson of Wasuke Itadori who was living a normal life until he encountered Megumi and ate one of Sukuna's fingers. After becoming Sukuna's vessel, Yuji began attending Tokyo Jujutsu High alongside Megumi and Nobara as first-year students. Yuji is a young man of average height and appears to have a slender build when wearing baggy clothing, but actually has a lean and muscular physique. He also has relatively large light brown eyes and spiky pink hair (brownish blonde in the manga) that's styled in an undercut fashion. When becoming the vessel for Sukuna after eating his finger, he gains a second pair of eyes that only open when Sukuna controls his body along with his many markings. At the start of the series, Yuji wore a light-colored hooded jacket, high-cuffed black pants, and white shoes. However, in the anime, his pants were denim, and his shoes were bright red. When Yuji enrolled into the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, he began wearing his version of the uniform; a black long sleeve shirt resembling a gakuran over a red hoodie, black pants, and red shoes. He gains a noticeable scar between his two eyes and a smaller scar on his left labial commissure of the mouth during the Shibuya Incident. He lost the second pair of eyes that only open when Sukuna controls his body along with his many markings after the latter transferred to Megumi Fushiguro as his new vessel. Yuji is a fair person who truly cares for not only his comrades but anyone he views as people with their own wills, despite how deep or shallow his connection to them is. He highly commends "the value of life," and to this end, he will ensure that others receive a "proper death". Because of this, he believes that it is morally unethical for him to take another human life, and tries to avoid any possibility of doing so unless as a last resort. He is also not without his more energetic and outgoing traits. Such as his frequent comedic moments where he was seen alongside Nobara gushing about Tokyo and his eagerness to train with Gojo or even when entertaining both Junpei and his mother. Yuji is also highly passionate whenever he's focused on achieving certain goals and being quite stubborn when confronted about them, such as when Yaga questioned why Yuji wanted to become a sorcerer. He is also quite naïve due to his inexperience in the world of cursed spirits and jujutsu sorcerers, but is shown to be a quick learner, capable of adapting to his surroundings and picking up how to use cursed energy quickly. Although usually composed, good-natured and friendly, Yuji can be angered quickly in the face of pure malice after witnessing firsthand the cruelty that curses were capable of, particularly Mahito's inhuman exploitation of Junpei. Yuji felt so profoundly disgusted that he felt a genuine desire to kill for the first time in his life and has a very intense yet focused hatred towards the cursed spirit. One of Yuji's defining traits is his willingness to sacrifice himself for others, triggered by his grandfather's last words to him to die surrounded by others. When he and Megumi were under the threat of being killed by a curse, Yuji impulsively swallowed Sukuna's finger to exorcise the curse and save them despite having met Megumi for the first time on that day.

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