Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki Tsukumo
Original Name
九十九 由基
Romaji Name
Tsukumo Yuki
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Date of Birth
188.00 cm
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Yuki Tsukumo is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is one of only four special grade jujutsu sorcerers. Yuki is not aligned with Jujutsu High, so her reputation paints her as the only special grade sorcerer who doesn't take on missions. In truth, Yuki simply does not agree with the higher-ups' methods and works toward a curse-free world in her own way. Yuki is a young woman with a slender yet athletic build and light skin. She has long blonde hair that extends well down her back with two tufts on in front of each side of her face. She has wide brown eyes with thin eyebrows and pronounced eyelashes. She has sported a few different outfits but currently appears in a sleeveless, dark-colored vest reminiscent of female Chinese martial artists' attire. The vest is tucked into light-colored high wasted jeans that cover most of her stomach area. She finishes this outfit with a pair of dark boots and red baggy cargo pants. Yuki travels around on a motorbike and wears appropriate attire while she isn't working. She has a leather biker jacket, with a dome helmet and goggles. In 2007 when Yuki first met Suguru Geto she wore a dark sleeveless turtleneck, light-colored jeans, and heeled boots for a more casual look than her current, more battle-oriented one. She wore this same outfit a few years later when she introduced herself to a young Aoi Todo. Yuki is a nonchalant and playful person who always remains a bold and high-energy woman as well. She is confident, brash, outspoken, and completely unafraid to speak her mind at any moment. Yuki isn't ladylike in the traditional sense but she possesses a strong sense of self and will express herself regardless of what anyone thinks. Even in the most serious situations, Yuki's bright and lax attitude remain intact. The outspoken Aoi Todo inherited his signature phrase, "What kind of girls do you like?" from her. She asked him this when he was just a little kid in grade school. She was impressed by how a strong boy was bored after beating someone older than him. She took Todo under her wing and supplied him with a whole new avenue for excitement. Yuki's own personal type is a hard-working, tough-guy who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. In 2007, Yuki sought out Satoru Gojo to speak with someone of her rank, to who she could relate. She met Geto found out from him that she built a reputation as a lazy sorcerer who bums around overseas. Yuki comically sulked when she heard but quickly revealed she couldn't care less about what Jujutsu Headquarters thought of her. Yuki wants to exterminate curses completely and she feels like Jujutsu Headquarters is only treating the symptoms. Yuki's ideology led to a deep conversation with Geto about how to exterminate curses. She inadvertently led to Geto consider killing every non-sorcerer to rid the world of cursed spirits. Yuki admitted this was a viable option but also clarified she would never do that. She saw Geto clearly struggling with his morality as a sorcerer and advised him to decide how he feels about the other side in order to move on. Yuki even tried to ease his mind regarding Riko Amanai's death. Yuki continued her conversation with "Geto" eleven years later in Shibuya where she elaborated on her ideals surrounding the jujutsu world. She believes that the next stage of humanity involves breaking away from cursed energy completely. Yuki rejected Kenjaku's method of turning humans into resources that would create widespread suffering, declaring that to be far from the world she pursues. Yuki dislikes Kenjaku because he's coy and condescending. Their conversation quickly annoyed Yuki and she was ready to beat him up for his attitude. Despite her personal feelings, Yuki prioritized protecting the younger sorcerers and eventually returned them all to Jujutsu High herself. Yuki empathized with Yuji's situation following the Shibuya Incident and apologized for waiting until it was too late to act. She claimed they weren't necessarily allies and distinguishes herself as a humble beauty fighting cursed spirits in her own way. As a former Star Plasma Vessel, Yuki has a particularly complicated relationship with Tengen. She agreed to protect him alongside Choso Culling Game because she wanted to speak with Tengen. Yuki disagrees with Tengen's methods of retaining their immortality and resents them for constantly sacrificing young women. She even claimed she would've sided with the Time Vessel Association if their goal was to seize Riko Amanai instead of killing her. Yuki can hear her fellow vessels within Tengen and refuses to tell Tengen about them because she feels they're undeserving and it's her duty not to make things so simple for them. While her allegiances are mostly to herself, Yuki is a supportive comrade who uses her outspoken personality to encourage others. While she and Choso aren't that familiar with each other, she showed concern for his wellbeing when he offered to be the vanguard against Kenjaku. When Choso did well to make Kenjaku reveal his abilities, she revered him and even called him "big brother", a role that defines Choso as a person, despite being an only child. Yuki likes the rough men like Choso and dislikes Kenjaku, who she feels the need to "beat into shape" until he's humbled and becomes her type. In her final moments, Yuki chose to console Choso and encouraged him to live on as a human instead of allowing him to sacrifice his life for her.

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