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Yuki Yoshikawa is a close friend of Kyouko Hori's who attends the same high school as her. Yuki is a short, slim girl with light, olive-green hair cut short and parted in the middle into bangs framing her face. She has round, yellow eyes and thin eyebrows. Yuki is most often seen wearing her school uniform paired with a sweater and occasionally her blazer. She tends to hide her hands in the long sleeves of her clothing, which are noticeably stretched as a result of her frequently pulling on them. Yuki has a typical bubbly and ditzy personality and often creates a fun and happy atmosphere for those close to her, though she can be quite lazy which is evident by her tendency to sleep during class. She is easy to get along with and makes friends relatively quickly, as seen with Izumi Miyamura. However, Yuki often tries to hide her negative feelings—especially in front of friends—by pretending that she is alright and doesn't care about the situation. It is noted by Kyouko that when Yuki doesn't want someone to know something, she tries to hide it by covering it with a smile and that the more she doesn't want to let go of something, the less she talks about it. As she is reserved when it comes to her own feelings, she never tells anyone how she really feels or what she really wants. Due to this, the things she loves often are out of her reach. Not widely known by most of her friends, Yuki can come off as someone who easily feels jealousy. When Sakura Kouno is seen with Tooru Ishikawa, someone Yuki is hinted to have feelings for, Yuki shows hesitation in her actions and has once accidentally acted cold towards Sakura. She tries her best to hide any jealous feelings she has towards Sakura and be a good person instead of letting her jealousy take over her, often feeling pathetic for thinking of doing bad things. It is possible that Yuki may also have an inferiority complex, as she makes negative remarks directed towards her characteristics (such as her being pathetic and how Tooru is nice to even someone like her), implying that she thinks lowly of herself at times.

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