Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki Yoshikawa
Original Name
吉川 由紀
Romaji Name
Yoshikawa Yuki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 22nd
161.00 cm
48.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 1003
Like # 878
Trash # 2979

Yuki Yoshikawa is a supporting character in the Horimiya (Manga) and anime series. Yuki is a cute teenage girl who stands at average height. She has gold colored hair which falls down at nape length with bangs parted down in the middle, leaving two fringes to frame both sides of her face, a fair complexion, and large yellow eyes. For the most part, Yuki is seen wearing her school uniform. Which consists of a white button up shirt, an oversized coffee brown cardigan with noticeably stretched out sleeves, a pleated black skirt, knee length black colored socks, and brown loafers. The reason behind the sleeve's length of her cardigan is due to the former pulling on them quite frequently. It is also worth mentioning that she wears her gym shorts underneath her skirt just like Kyouko. Yuki, for the most part, is generally known for her upbeat and happy go lucky personality. Much like her best friend and classmate, Kyouko Hori, Yuki is always creating a lively atmosphere around herself and those she's close with in her circle. On top of that, she's a relatively easygoing and down to earth individual who's quick to befriend anybody and everybody. This including Izumi Miyamura. Aside from her vivacious and carefree disposition, Yuki is shown to be a bit lackadaisical, especially when it comes to school. A primary example to this statement is her tendency to sleep during class, whereas another example is the former having to ask Hori to copy off of her notes and homework when she gets the chance to do so. While it's evident that Yuki is always seen with a big bright smile on her face, deep down, she's the type of person who hides her true feelings and is quick to reassure those who question her emotional state of being. This is especially true when Hori mentions it. Because, although Yuki is inept to discussing about what she wants or feels, it's apparent that the things she loves most eventually become out of her reach. In addition to hiding her true feelings, Yuki is also shown to have an inferiority complex. And the reason behind her inferiority complex is [as mentioned above] simply due to the former thinking lesser of herself and believing she's unworthy. This is especially shown when she discovers Sakura Kouno, a member of the student council (who later becomes one of her friends), develops a crush on Tooru Ishikawa. Thus, resulting some feelings of jealousy on the former's end.

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