Yukichi Fukuzawa Husbando

Yukichi Fukuzawa
Original Name
福沢 諭吉
Romaji Name
Fukuzawa Yukichi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 10th
186.00 cm
71.00 kg
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Yukichi Fukuzawa is the president of the Armed Detective Agency. Fukuzawa is a tall man who almost always has a stern expression on his face. He has long silver hair, which ends just above his shoulder, and metallic blue eyes, which appear to have wrinkles eyebags under them. He is always seen wearing a green yukata under a black haori (a traditional Japanese thigh-length kimono-style jacket, commonly worn by men) with golden borders with a zigzag pattern, and zori (flat sandals) with white tabi (toe-divided socks). Twelve years ago, before the Agency was founded and Fukuzawa was still under Sōseki Natsume's tutelage, he wore a black hakama (a pair of large, pleated, traditional trousers), a kimono underneath a longer haori and a small scarf with a circle pattern on it. His hair was also shorter, just reaching past the nape of his neck. During his teenage years, he wears a hakama with keikogi, the standard uniform for kendo. After the cannibalism, Fukuzawa wears a black yukata and haori and a gray divided umanori. When he received the Birch Bow of Exorcism, Fukuzawa wears a formal suit. Fukuzawa is, as expected from the president of the Agency, a serious man, capable of maintaining his calm expression at every time, even in front of an adversary. As a leader, he prioritizes the welfare of his subordinates, especially seen when he once ordered all the personnel from the Agency to focus on finding and rescuing Atsushi Nakajima and put their ensuing work to a freeze. Moreover, he places great value in the Agency and its members, unyielding to give them up even in crucial situations and once threatening some assassins to target him alone rather than involve the Agency. Hence, he naturally became indignant when he learned that the Port Mafia lured in the Guild with their Agency clerks, even breaking a pen with his bare hands out of rage. His undisputed authority is prevalent over his subordinates, to the point that even the confident Ranpo Edogawa dropped the idea of finding a murder case to solve rather than helping look for Atsushi after Kenji Miyazawa warned him against Fukuzawa's wrath if he did so. Moreover, Fukuzawa has a rather commanding aura within him that some Agency members, including Doppo Kunikida and Atsushi, occasionally flinch possibly out of intimidation whenever in the presence of the President. Nevertheless, he knows his subordinates' capabilities and will not hesitate to seek them out when the situation calls for it. As one-third of the constituents of the Tripartite Framework, Fukuzawa has an overflowing regard for the order and peace of Yokohama and for wanting justice to prevail in however way he can, which ultimately caused Fukuzawa to found the Agency. He further asserts that praise and rewards are a "light drizzle" to their primary endeavor of preventing chaos to ensue within the city. Even when afflicted with the Cannibalism virus, Fukuzawa strugglingly issued out the orders to his subordinates not to fight the Port Mafia in protecting him, lest it disrupt the balance and tranquility of Yokohama. While Fukuzawa is emotionally reserved and impassive, he can display a scathing sense of humor: twelve years ago, while he was on his way to save Ōgai Mori from low-level criminals, the criminals threatened to kill the doctor and Fukuzawa wished them to have fun doing so, though this may be also be partly out of his hunch that Mori could handle the situation himself. When reunited with his childhood friend Ōchi Fukuchi, while Fukuzawa complemented the latter for being a Hunting Dogs commander, he nonetheless claimed that his leadership is "five times better" than Fukuchi, albeit admitting that it had quite dropped. He's never seen smiling, although it's heavily implied he has a soft spot for cute things. After Kyōka Izumi makes a cute face while asking the President to let her stay in the Agency, he hires her on the spot; Jun'ichirō Tanizaki remembered this instance and even attempted to ask Kyōka to apologize to the President on their behalf when they disobeyed his orders. Notably, he also has a fondness for cats to the point of keeping treats for them in the sleeves of his yukata. Mori is especially aware of this penchant that he even humored Fukuzawa during their confrontation if he was still "talking to cats". Moreover, he does not fail to participate in some moments of merriment especially in the Agency, such as attending Kyōka's welcome party and, in the anime, joining in the Agency cruise aboard S.S. Zelda after the Cannibalism incident.

blue eyes detective fair skin long hair silver hair white hair
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