Yuko Yoshida

Yuko Yoshida
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吉田 優子
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September 28th
145.00 cm
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Yuko Yoshida is the protagonist of Machikado Mazoku. She is a 15 year old high school student of Sakuragaoka High School who, one day, wakes up with horns and a tail. Upon learning from Seiko Yoshida that she is a descendant of the cursed Dark Clan, she is tasked to defeat a magical girl and obtain her blood to break the curse, especially her family's curse of having to live under 40,000 yen per month. Despite her famous ancestry, Yuko always has trouble confronting her nemesis magical girl Momo Chiyoda not only due to her own kind personality and weak physical strength, but also due to the fact that she is constantly helped by Momo. Although she is tasked to eliminate Momo, the two become closer as they learn more about each other. Yuko has apricot skin, wavy back-length reddish-brown hair (which the anime made a red that ombres to a purple hue on the top and the bottom of her hair) and hazel eyes. Due to her being a demon, she has two champagne-coloured horns on her head and a blackish-purple/purplish-black arrowhead tail protruding from her tailbone. Yuko is usually seen wearing Sakuragaoka High School's uniform, which consists of a blue t-shirt with a white line in the centre and dark blue trim, dark blue cuffs, a white collar with dark blue trim and a red ribbon on the front, a dark blue plaid skirt, black tights and brown loafers. She is a very cute, short and petite girl, standing only 145 cm tall or 4'9". Because she was very sick and had to go to a hospital daily during her childhood, Yuko was often fragile and weak. After awakening her powers, her friend Anri describes that she looks healthier. Yuko is very polite and well-mannered, as seen in both the manga and anime adaptation. She always speaks formally, and is generally a kind person. Despite her awakening as a demon, Yuko is still friendly and compassionate. This is shown very often, such as when Momo gets sick and Yuko tends to her despite claiming Momo as her enemy. She is also rather emotional, getting overly excited or easily upset about simple things. Yuko is a firm optimist, always trying to see the best in people and the world. Despite the hardships she's faced, such as her sickly childhood and difficult living situation due to the curse on her family, she continues to push on and holds no malice towards anyone, always striving to achieve the best outcome for everyone no matter the situation. Due to her sheltered childhood, Yuko is rather naive to the world, although she is actually quite wise when it comes to familiar subjects. While physically weak, Yuko has an incredibly strong will, showing an unshakable resolve in the face of crisis and a refusal to give up. When her family or friends are in trouble she'll rush to their aid and do all in her power to help. However, as a result of her constant childhood sickness Yuko has developed a fear of being a burden to others, driving her to work hard even to a self-sacrificial degree.

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