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Yuliya is the older twin of Jubelo. Prior to the events of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and its remakes, when Dolhr began invading the continent, King Ludwik, fearing for his own safety, sent Yuliya and her brother away to Khadein to serve as hostages. Gharnef locked them away in a dark room, threatening to kill them if Grust betrayed Dolhr. The siblings were later rescued by Wendell, at which point they were on the brink of death, and were taken to a monastery in Macedon to recover. During the events of Book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem and its remake, the twins are eventually taken into Lorenz's care, as he has dreams of restoring Grust's glory with Jubelo. After Grust is occupied by Archanea in Chapter 1, Lorenz attempts to protect the siblings from coming under harm by urging Ogma to lead them away to the safety of Wendell's abode in Macedon. However, this plan is foiled due to Yuliya's adamant refusal to leave his side out of concern over a grievous wound that he had sustained prior to the battle on the siblings' behalf, to which Lorenz reluctantly relents. Once Marth reaches Lorenz, Lorenz succumbs to his wound, his last request being for Marth to protect the children. Despite Marth's protests, General Lang takes Yuliya and Jubelo away to have them executed. Before that can happen, Ogma rescues the children and leads them to Marth's army in Chapter 4, where he guides them from Wendell's home village in Holm Beach to the southeastern reaches of the region . The children then proceed to aid Marth in bringing the War of Heroes to an end. In Mystery of the Emblem, Yuliya is the only character capable of using the Rescue Staff, and along with Elice, is able to wield the Aum Staff. However, In New Mystery of the Emblem, the Rescue Staff is no longer unique to her, and she shares the ability to use the Aum staff with other princesses: Elice, Nyna, Maria; and if reclassed, Caeda, Minerva, and Sheena. After the war, Yuliya studies at the Millennium Palace magic academy, on her way to becoming a fully-fledged Sister.

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