Kyūsaku Yumeno

Kyūsaku Yumeno
Original Name
夢野 久作
Romaji Name
Yumeno Kyūsaku
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 4th
146.00 cm
38.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 6370
Like # 6751
Trash # 4432

Kyūsaku Yumeno is a member of the Port Mafia. Their ability is Dogra Magra. Q's hair is two-toned, the left side white and the right side black. Their eyes have different shaped pupils, with the right being a yellow star, and the left a yellow ring. Q wears a small hat tilted to the left, a white shirt and suspenders with a black coat and scarf around their neck, beige shorts with thin red stripes, brown shoes with high white socks that reach their calves, and a red sling bag with what appears to be a cat or dog design. They always carry their doll, vital to their ability. Although a child, Q has a twisted, sadistic personality, and revels in the carnage Dogra Magra creates. While they can play the part of a harmless, innocent child, they are quick to 180 into their darkest nature. Their sadistic personality leading to their confinement due to Dazai. After the Guild abducts them, Q is made to suffer extreme physical and emotional trauma while ensnared in John Steinbeck's ability, which, spread throughout Yokohama, forces them to feel every instance of pain that the trees "feel". The pain overwhelms Q, to the point they snap and curse the entire city. Their breakdown drives them to question God's love for everyone and reveals their own intense hatred for humanity, themself, and their ability, which they never asked for.

bangs black eyes black hair exotic eyes fair skin multicolor hair sadistic short white hair mafioso multicolour hair short hair
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