Yumiko Sakaki

Yumiko Sakaki
Original Name
榊 由美子
Romaji Name
Sakaki Yumiko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 10th
163.00 cm
Blood Type
85.00 cm
57.00 cm
87.00 cm
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Yumiko Sakaki is a second-year student at Mihama Academy. She is the daughter of Michiaki Sakaki (a "East Beach Railway Express Group" tycoon) and Misako Sakaki. After the establishment of Mihama Academy, she was the first student to enroll. Her defining feature is a waist-length black hair. Because of her bluntness and a hard-to-please personality, she often comes into conflict with her classmates. Always trying to be alone, she hardly tries to get along with others. She always carries a box cutter with her and uses it to threaten others, particularly Yuuji, when she gets angry. She reads so many books that she’s called a “Bookworm”, and she especially loves mystery novels. Although Yumiko is such a lady, she changes completely in lunchtime; junk foods, like a cup of fried soba noodles, are her favorite dishes. Yumiko is a girl of average height with waist-length purplish-black hair, violet pupils and fair white skin. Her bust is the second largest among the Mihama girls, only after Amane. Her casual outfit consists of a violet blouse covered by a yellow jacket and a white knee-length skirt. Michiru has once noted that she has a "grandmother" look. In the later parts Grisaia no Rakuen, she starts wearing a white one-piece dress with a rope-like belt on her waist. Makina mentions multiple times on how Yumiko is a "classic kuudere." She keeps up a high guard around everyone especially Yuuji and her own father, Michiaki. However, she does all she can to help or protect others from harm, and gets upset when she can't do anything. She hates scary things (such as ghost stories) and secretly loves compliments (as shown in the scene, Come Forth, Dere). As someone defined as a kuudere- a silent, cold girl who has a warm side that doesn’t show very frequently- Yumiko has spent a large part of her life distancing herself from others, which is why she comes off as outwardly hostile and exudes an air of intimidation. Despite being more of a kuudere, Yumiko is also a natural at being a tsundere, which makes a dismayed Michiru tell Yumiko to stop stealing her gimmick. Her social skills are poor and, because of this, she tends to do or say things embarrassing when forced into social situations. Thus, she attempts to avoid them, though it’s more to spare others the trouble. Yumiko can get rather violent when flustered, shown by how she constantly brandishes a box cutter on the object of her ire and even nearly went to the point of slapping Yuuji in the face when he pestered her for too long. Being the daughter of a railway tycoon, Yumiko was brought up in an upper-class household and lives the life of an ‘Oujo-sama’ right down to the personality. She does not mince words and speaks in a very respectful and regal air. While she may seem like she’s avoiding people, silently she prays for the days spent in her old school when others were faking their kindness, though obviously without the fake part. Yumiko truly wishes to get along with the others in Mihama Academy, but finds it increasingly difficult due to her personal problems as well as their own. Though her feelings are only budding at the time he’s pulling her from, Yuuji is a huge part of Yumiko’s life. She even states that he is unlike the others in Mihama Academy when he claims that he’s willing to listen if she’s willing to talk about her problems or her life, from which can be inferred that Yumiko did not trust any of the other girls in the way she trusts Yuuji. In her route, her relationship with Yuuji is what helps her break out of the shell she finds herself trapped in, the kindness he exhibits to her warming her cold heart. Yumiko has a sensitive spot to false kindness and will lash out harsher than usual if she detects it from anyone. Of course, her detecting it would be a bit difficult. She’s not stupid by any means, but she can be a bit naive. Yumiko exhibits a lot of traits one would think to fall under the ‘moe’ category, such as blushing, muttering, humming happily and being surprised easily. On that note, Yumiko cannot handle scary stuff at all that she even got spooked enough by the sound of hot air/water exiting a box of instant yakisoba that she dropped it and ruined her meal. Yumiko has two large passions: Reading and Art. Most of her time is spent reading books she nabs from the library that look interesting, or drawing her surroundings. Art was an escape from the real world for her and, from the canon point Yuuji’s taking her from, continues to be one even to this day. Unintentionally, when Yumiko gets serious about something she puts on a glare that is extremely intimidating, most likely inherited from her father. She made such a face when deciding on what flavor of crepe to buy, and it was initially mistaken as a death glare to the list or the person behind the register by her fellow classmates. In conclusion, Yumiko is a very complex individual with a lot of problems to sort out deep within her icy heart and without Yuuji or any of her fellow classmates in Mihama Academy, it’s going to take a whole new level of warmth to thaw this snow queen.

purple eyes black hair brown eyes waist-length hair
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