Yuno Rembrandt

Yuno Rembrandt
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Yuno Rembrandt (ユーノ・レンブラント) is one of the daughters of Patrick and Lisa and the younger sister of Sif. __Appearance__ She has silky and short blond hair that doesn’t reach her shoulders. She has white skin. She has a short build around 1.5m. When she is in the academy, she wears a beret on her head, a scarf around her neck that falls at her back, gloves put on and wears shorts with long boots. When she goes to a party, she wears make up. She wears a soft blue pastel dress with her shoulders exposed, her hem is short to the point that it barely covers her knees. __Personality__ She is the energic one of the group. She is like a tomboy, when she fights it's hard to remember that she is the little princess of an important family. Apparently before her being cursed she was ill-natured and saw external appearance before personnality (or internal appearance). But at present, she doesn't care about external apparence and refers more on the internal appearance. She and her sister don't want to be reminded of the look they had when they were cursed.

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