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Yuri Briar
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Yūri Buraia
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179.00 cm
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Yuri Briar is a major recurring character of the SPY x FAMILY series. He is Yor Forger's younger brother and a twenty-year-old man who works in the State Security Service. He keeps his job at the SSS a secret from his sister and instead pretends to be a normal civil servant and diplomat at the foreign ministry. Yuri is a handsome, slender young man in his twenties with a very small cowlick on top of his straight black hair with uneven bangs. He also has red eyes. When at work, Yuri wears the SSS's standard uniform. When leaving work, he wears a coat over his black suit and tie, along with black gloves. Yuri has a sister complex, and even at an early age, would be doing everything he could to get Yor to praise him with affection. Though this could be due to his mother dying at a very early stage in his life, causing him to get very attached to Yor as a mother figure. Just the thought of Yor hating him or in despair brings him great distress. When on the job, Yuri is shown to have a very appealing demeanor, calmly extracting information from the people he interrogates. Just as he is passionate for his sister, Yuri is very patriotic as, when discussing "Twilight," he swiftly drops his calm façade and becomes colder, irritable, and quick-tempered. Yuri also appears to value his family, almost immediately resorting to violence when he learns of a suspect's excuse for his affair. However, idiosyncratically, Yuri loses all his intelligence with his sister, completely believing Yor's excuses of "forgetting" to tell him about her marriage with Loid for a year. When arresting Franklin Perkin, Franklin posed the question about who the true disgrace is after Yuri stated that he "saw no reason for Franklin's family to witness his disgrace." Yuri responded by stating how he would never "cause his sister pain," implying that his sister complex overrides his morals.

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