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Yuri Drewes
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Slantania Kingdom
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Yuri Drewes is a character in the Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent series. He is the grand magus of the Royal Magi Assembly. And is the adopted son of the Marquis Drewes' house. His only interest is in research related to magic and magical powers. He looks cheerful and passionate on the outside, but on the inside, he is a completely different man. Yuri is a young man with mid-length purple hair and sharp eyes of the same colour. He sports a loose robe and a mage uniform. Sei once described him as so beautiful, it's "as if he stepped out of a painting". Yuri appears to be very carefree and cheerful. When something peaks his interest, he studies it as much as he can. He seems to be interested in studying Sei's saintly powers and abilities. He is very curious when she learns a new skill and continues to test her limits. Sei has described Yuri has a true expert on magic and capable teacher who knows his subject well and is easy to understand. He is, however, terrible at administration, and does not hesitate to push all administrative work at the Royal Magi Assembly to Magus Hawke.

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