Yuri Egin

Yuri Egin
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Yuri Egin
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Blue Exorcist
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Yuri Egin was a Lower Second Class Exorcist, as well as one of Shiro Fujimoto's close friends. She became pregnant by Satan about sixteen years before the beginning of the series, giving birth to Rin and Yukio Okumura. Yuri was a beautiful young woman of slender figure and petite appearance. She had pale skin, a round face with few moles, big intense blue eyes (teal in the anime), and long wavy dark brown hair. Yuri had bore a striking resemblance to her youngest son Yukio, though she had Rin's eyes. Her normal attire consisted of a black coat, a pink scarf, and a dark blue skirt. On casual days, Yuri was usually seen wearing a simple white sundress. Early in the manga (when she was a young girl), Yuri wore a thick jacket, scarf, skirt, fingerless gloves, and a shoulder bag. After being taken into Asylum, she wore the uniform. After becoming an exorcist, she wore an exorcist jacket. In the anime, Yuri was somewhat similar to Rin, as she rebelled against her father's wishes and sometimes showed a slightly aggressive side when angry. Also, Yuri was known for her great bravery, not even being afraid from Satan's attacks and instead feeling sorry for him. Despite being an Exorcist, Yuri was open to other creatures like Demons, such as Snowmen and Goblins, noticing their differences but respected them as she thought all things/beings complement each other. She also believed most Demons enter Assiah because they were curious, rather than to deliberately cause damage. In the manga, Shura also notes Yuri to being empathetic, "bright and kind", understanding others' desires and wanting them to realize them when possible. Furthermore, Yuri seems to enjoy teasing Shiro.

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