Yuri Nakamura

Yuri Nakamura
Original Name
仲村 ゆり
Romaji Name
Nakamura Yuri
Appears In
Angel Beats!
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
160.00 cm
52.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 449
Like # 403
Trash # 1119

Yuri Nakamura is the deuteragonist of Angel Beats! and the female protagonist of Heaven's Door. She is the founder and leader of the Afterlife-based school organization Afterlife Battlefront. She leads the campaign of the many students who fight against God, whom they blame for their cruel fates. Yuri is a 160 cm tall (5'3) girl with upper-back length fuchsia-purple hair with bangs hanging over eyebrows. She has sea-green eyes. In the events prior to founding of the SSS, she wears the default school uniform, consisting of a white polo shirt under a sandy brown blazer and a short black pleated skirt along with black shoes. After she founded the SSS, she issues a different uniform to its members including herself, with features similar to a typical sailor fuku uniform. The uniform has a blue collar, skirt and a dark pink ribbon for girls. Yuri often holds a pistol (typically a silver Beretta M9, which is chambered in 9mm) in the anime. She also wears black thigh-high socks and adorns her hair with a hairband that has a yellow/green ribbon dangling on the right side. At times she wears a white beret, most often in operation briefings, as well as glasses when she is using a computer. As long as the SSS are gathered in the Anti-Angel Headquarters, Yuri will be seen either on the principal's seat, or standing by the window. It isn't said how long she has been in the afterlife. However, in the special episode "Hell's Kitchen", Yusa told her she would have been a grandma if she were still alive, indicating she could have been in this afterlife for over 40 years because she is quite young. Yuri possesses the traits of a charismatic leader, as her determination and her ability to stay calm even in difficult situations always earns her the respect of the rest of the SSS at the end of the day. She is very intelligent and able to understand situations and think on her feet. However, she can be somewhat scatterbrained at times, as she once involved newly-recruited Yuzuru Otonashi in a conference on whether the name of their club should be changed. Occasionally, she lets out a large, haughty, ojou-sama-esque laugh whenever events go her way. Yusa once commented that she sounds like a villain. Her nickname is "Yurippe", a nickname suggested by Hinata because his mother had the same name and he felt strange calling her that. Almost all of the known SSS members only call her by her nickname (except Otonashi, Shiina and Iwasawa). Despite being the leader, Yuri gives full respect to her other members as well. This is seen when Yuri calls Iwasawa and Shiina with "-san" at the end of their names, acknowledging their strengths and capabilities. She is also not afraid to make necessary sacrifices, usually involving her subordinates' deaths since she is fully aware that they will recover from being "dead." Despite this, she feels responsible for the lives of her subordinates and is badly affected by their loss. When it becomes obvious that a situation has arisen where death (or conditions similar to death) is permanent, she assumes the burden of fighting alone and attempts to ensure everyone else is safe even if she knows that it is pretty much suicide. Similar to how the anime stresses Angel's love for Mapo Tofu, in Heaven's Door and the 4-koma it is heavily stressed that Yuri HATES nattō (even in her child days).

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