Yuriko Hori

Yuriko Hori
Original Name
堀 百合子
Romaji Name
Hori Yuriko
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Yuriko Hori, née Yuriko Koyanagi, is the wife of Kyousuke Hori and the workaholic mother of Kyouko Hori and Souta Hori. Yuriko is a beautiful young woman with shoulder-length, dark brown hair styled with a portion of her bangs held back with a clip, whereas the fringes hang loosely on both sides of her face. Although her eyes can be seen closed, looking up close reveals that she has olive-colored eyes. In her years of high school, Yuriko looks very much like her daughter Kyouko Hori. In some scenes of the manga, she's usually seen with either her hair tied in a low ponytail or will sometimes let it down. Her bangs can be seen hanging over her forehead. Yuriko's hair is seen as a lighter shade of brown, whereas her eyes appear to be chocolate-brown colored. Yuriko is seen as a very gentle and caring mother, but also prone to being lazy in the kitchen. In Chapter 119.7, as seen in a flashback of her days in high school, she was noted to have a serious side to her beneath the calm and collected front, thus heavily implying that she was no pushover. Kyousuke Hori even once comments on how "Even though she's as gentle as a flower... and a "lily", at that... she's got thorns." after she slaps a younger female student for harassing her.

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