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Yushiro is a major supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the traveling companion of Tamayo and a close ally of Tanjiro Kamado. Yushiro was turned into a demon by Tamayo when he had a terminal illness. During the final confrontation with Muzan Kibutsuji, Yushiro, along with Tamayo, joins forces with the Demon Slayer Corps to aid the Demon Slayers. Yushiro has the appearance of a young man of short stature and average build with pale skin and lavender purple eyes. He has short hair that is neatly styled and vertically shaded from a dull and light green to black. Yushiro wears a button-up collared shirt under an all-white iromuji-haori and dark blue Seigo-Sendeihira styled hakama pants. Yushiro is brash, hot-tempered, confrontational and aggressive. His first conversation with Tanjiro begins with him insulting Nezuko Kamado and calling her an eyesore. He is usually depicted with a scowl on his face and rarely seen smiling unless when speaking about and or admiring Tamayo, to whom he is in love with, shown when he attacked the Demon Slayer for insignificant reasons on a multitude of occasions and was promptly reprimanded by her. He only cares for Tamayo and hates when others get in the way of his spending time with her and dislikes not being by her side for even a minute. In fact, he cares so little for others (and only for Tamayo) that while Tanjiro and Nezuko were fighting two demons who were trying to kill them, Yushiro suggested to Tamayo that they use Tanjiro and Nezuko as decoys to run from the demon, a suggestion that horrified Tamayo. Though Yushiro claimed he was joking to appease her, it is evident he genuinely considered it. He also claimed that Susamaru deserved her death for hurting Tamayo, though even he was shocked at the brutal way she died. He hates it when others get too close to Tamayo, expressing even the smallest bit of attraction, or he perceives that someone insults her. He himself tends to fawn over her a great deal. He seems to be insulted when Tanjiro suggests that all demons have a hard time controlling their desire to feast on humans, asking Tanjiro if he thought all demons were that bloodthirsty. Despite this, he can show respect towards others, as he did take back his comment about Nezuko being an eyesore and called her pretty at the end of the episode and also covered Tanjiro's mouth to prevent him from inhaling Tamayo's Blood Demon Art, which is harmful to humans.

green hair purple eyes aggressive bangs blue eyes blue hair demon fair skin short hair thin eyebrows neck-length hair adult
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