Yuta Hibiki Husbando

Yuta Hibiki
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Hibiki Yūta
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January 8th 2003
160.00 cm
52.00 kg
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Yuta's hair is cinnabar red, with two horn-like parts sticking out from the sides. He has blue eyes. After awakening from the coma and using the Accepter to transform into Gridman the next time, his eyes become yellow like Gridman's. They remain yellow throughout the final episode. He has a short-sleeved white shirt, a red tie underneath a dark gray sleeveless sweater with a red stripe on the neckline, and black pants. His shoes are rather unique, with black soles and jagged red and white shapes on the sides, with blue ovals that are positioned similar to eyes. They are not uniform shoes, but sneakers. He also wears a red armband with two black stripes on either end. This armband conceals the Primal Acceptor, which is used to call Gridman forth. Due to being possessed by one of Gridman's splintered fragments most of the time, much of his personality was not fully revealed. Judging from Utsumi's statement of him "normal but not a bad guy" before his amnesia coupled with Gridman's explanation of how the young man's real self influenced said fragment to the point of believing itself to be real Yuta and even shared the latter's feelings for Rikka despite rendered dormant, it can be assumed that he is a good person who cares for his friends and the safety of his home city above all else. As such, even without his possession, Yuta would likely take his calling as the Hyper Agent's host and partner seriously and prioritized it over his own safety like Naoto Sho before him. Yuta woke up in his classmate Rikka Takarada's house, after passing out. However, he realizes that he had been affected with with amnesia and is unable to remember anything prior. She helps him get back to his normal life with the aid of Sho Utsumi, another friend of his. When the monster Ghoulghilas appears, Yuta manages to navigate back to Gridman and reconnect with him to face the monster threat together with his friends. While investigating the disappearance of their classmates who actually died in Ghoulghilas' attack the day before, Yuta was called back by Gridman to face another monster. Accepting that he had a mission, Yuta transforms into Gridman to fight against the incoming monster. One week later, he and Utsumi notice Rikka's absence from school so Utsumi gets him to (accidentally) call her but she doesn't pick up. Utsumi also points out, as a joke, that the Kaiju they have been fighting against may actually be humans, though that unsettles Yuta. When Anti appears, Yuta is hesitant to fight when Anti talks, which reminds him of what Utsumi said earlier. This allows Anti to defeat Gridman easily. Gridman, Samurai・Calibur, and Yuta seemingly disappear. Utsumi almost disbands the Gridman Alliance the next day but was stopped by the timely arrival of the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, who said that Gridman, Calibur and Yuta were alive. Getting a hint, Rikka calls his phone, which he is somehow able to answer. After they returned, Gridman fought Anti with the help of Battle Tracto Max. After he wins the battle, Yuta gets slapped by Rikka, who then apologizes for not picking up his call earlier. Defeat After hearing that Rikka would be going on a group date, he gets jealous and decides to stalk her and her group but later loses them. Max approaches him and gets him to admit his feelings to Rikka and after the next kaiju attack, he asks Rikka out for a meal but she invites the rest of the gang as well.

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