Yuuki Kyouko

Yuuki Kyouko
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Miyagi, Japan
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Kyouko is a fairly tall, middle-aged woman. Even though she is thin, her solid frame removes any sense of slimness. Her hair, which is dyed in a rich, brown color, is parted to the sides neatly cut along her jaw. Even though her face is beautiful, her high nose and jawline, as well as the deep wrinkles near her mouth create a severely cold impression. Kyouko also has brown eyes. Yuuki Kyouko was a cold person who had resented being born in a family of farmers and desired a better future for her daughter. To achieve this, Kyouko was willing to regulate various aspects of her daughter's life, from her education institution to her future spouse. This was reflected in her strict parenting style as well, such as demanding her daughter to come to the table at a specific time, forcefully expelling her out of FullDive when she was late and threatening to confiscate her AmuSphere. After Asuna opened up to her mother, Kyouko still carried the strict facade in her behavior, yet she also showed willingness to do what was best for her daughter by compromising from her regulating persona. She started approaching Asuna with a more open mind, and allowed her to decide her path in life, as long as she ensured her success on it. Kyouko was born to a rice farmer family in Miyagi with a forest-like, traditional Japanese home. As she grew up, she resented her status, and she wished that she was born to an upper-class family. After Asuna was born, she strove for her daughter to have a better life and a husband with a strong financial background, even choosing Sugou Nobuyuki as her future husband. Despite this resulting in disaster, Kyouko attempted to arrange a relationship between Asuna and her cousin, Yuuya, who she thought was materially free, although she claimed that anyone else who was outstanding would be just as suitable her partner in life as well.

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