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World of Granvania
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150.00 cm
39.00 kg
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74.00 cm
74.00 cm
52.00 cm
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Yuzuha is the Pisces Star Maiden of Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!! A lone artist who withdrawn herself from others to avoid attachments. In contrast with her zodiac, Yuzuha has pale white skin-that could be a sign of her illness-and red eyes(in her ending, her skin darkens and becomes similar to the other Star Maidens). Her attire consists of a black vest top and off the shoulder dress, consisting of black and white. She has diametrical above knee-length socks in monochrome colors. On her head, she wears a black hairband with ribbons on both sides of her head and on top a crown motif. Fully in blue, her hair is fish-like with the tips of her hair like fins and a mermaid's tail in the back. She has light blue nail polish on her fingers and toes. Yuzuha wears a blue bikini with white polka dots. The top half of both parts are cyan with white polka dots on them and the bottom of both halves are a cerulean blue. Between these parts are a white cloth extending down. There are blue knots in the front of the top and left side of the bottom that holds them together. The back of the top is connected with a blue strap made in a round pattern and held by a cyan piece. Yuzuha is an introvert, making her shy and reclusive with her main hobby being art. She usually speaks in a quiet and soft tone and her avoidance for going outside or communicating with other people is due to her prolonged and possibly fatal illness. This has caused her to have a very defeatist mindset in most aspects of her life and she normally gives in to requests. She has very little aspirations or realistic desires. She can commonly be found sleeping though it turns out this is not because she is constantly tired. She is also bad at talking to others and tries to avoid others as much as possible. She also hates confrontational situations. Yuzuha also believes in paying back those who have helped her, even if they don't ask for anything in return. She doesn't share her hobbies and interests with others because she is scared of being judged and she doesn't want her friends to be mocked for they associate with her. She does open herself up to those close to her. As one of the younger Star Maidens and having no siblings, she wished to experience what it was like to have them. This is why she often refers to Itsuki as her "Big Brother" ("Kind Visitor" and "Kindred Spirit" in other iterations). As time passes and her and Itsuki's bond grows, she becomes less acquainted to that moniker wanting to be treated as a woman and not as a sibling. Though she believed that she was destined to succumb to her illness, she had a more positive outlook on life after spending time with Itsuki. She wanted to spend her remaining lifespan doing things she loved and to help Itsuki return to his world. Though she initially dreads the Classmating Ritual, she grows more comfortable with it over time and she wishes to improve herself to make better Star Children with Itsuki's help. After growing closer to Itsuki, Yuzuha has decided to make an active attempt to make new friends and wants to do more things with others (Itsuki especially). She also is glad to be noticed despite how insignificant she thinks she is. In the Conception (anime), Yuzuha's personality remains mostly the same. She is more shy in this version and is more prone to panicking than her game counterpart. Her bonding arc remains mostly in tact as well.

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