Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha Ogawa
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ogawa Yuzuriha
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 31st 2004
150.00 cm
45.00 kg
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Popularity # 1210
Like # 1119
Trash # 1975

Yuzuriha Ogawa is one of Senku's best friends and the love interest of Taiju. Before petrification, she was a high school student and a crafts club member. She was depetrified in 5739 AD. Along with Taiju, she joined the Tsukasa Empire, where they would eventually work as spies for the Kingdom of Science until their victory and both factions merged. She and Taiju followed Senku as valuable members for the Kingdom's journey towards Treasure Island and America until the second global petrification. Following the seven-year timeskip with the Kingdom and the American Colony resolving their differences, she and Taiju resumed their duties to complete and succeed the Kingdom's moon project where they finally married in the story's finale. Yuzuriha is a young woman with brown hair, brown eyes and a slim build. She has two noticeable petrification scars, both in the shape of spirals, located on her shoulder and neck. Before her petrification, Yuzuriha wore a standard high school uniform. After her depetrification, she wears a white cloth dress that's split at her sides and matching cloth shoes. Noticeably, Yuzuriha wears a white hairband that's vaguely shaped like wrap-around headphones, both before and after her petrification. Following an encounter with Tsukasa, her long hair is cut to a shoulder-length bob. After her second revival, her scars disappear. She soon adorns war paint in reflection of her stone markings during Tsukasa's revival. After the finale timeskip, her hair grew back to her original length. Yuzuriha is a kind individual who tries to aid her friends and strangers alike in whatever ways she can. She usually uses her extensive crafting skills to help Senku carry out his inventions or reassemble destroyed petrified humans. Like Taiju, she is fiercely loyal to Senku. As childhood friends, she understands Senku's abilities and potential and is even willing to sacrifice herself when she is being used as a hostage by Tsukasa to allow Senku to escape. While not explicitly stated, she seems to return Taiju's feelings, but is waiting for him to make his official confession. Like Taiju, she possesses a great amount of determination as well as faith, not truly believing Senku died and despite the clear evidence showcasing otherwise, eventually figures out a way to revive him along with Taiju. She seems quiet and, while not overly shy, is usually reserved. She tends to get nervous in dangerous or unpredictable situations, but knows to keep her mind at the task at hand. In chapter 73, Senku refers to her as someone who won't abandon what she is doing to make her own moves and when given a task, puts 100% of her attention and motivation towards it. She is rather patient, showing great skill in carefully gathering the stone fragments of the statues Tsukasa destroys and painstakingly putting them back together in the hopes of fixing the statues and giving the people a chance at revival. She is also used to listening to Senku's lectures on science (at one point managing to endure a 5-hour lecture on science from him). She seems to be, at the very least, smarter than Taiju; an example of this being the attempt by Senku and Gen to win over Nikki by pretending to be Lillian through the telephone. While Taiju fully believes the ruse, Yuzuriha is quick to see through it and comprehend what they are trying to do. Her passion and immense skill for crafts allows her to easily relate to Kaseki, with whom she collaborated a few times despite their specialties not being perfectly aligned. Her specialty is textiles (felting, sewing, spinning thread, weaving, etc.) while Kaseki focuses on harder crafts and building machinery. Their passion coincided for example, when requested to craft a model of the earth. Both of them were very excited to build such a model, and felt a bit insulted by Senku requesting just a quick rough globe. The end result was a giant globe and mechanical globe housed in a dome. She loves fashion and becomes intense when crafting clothes. Yuzuriha also created a clothing store for both modern and stone world people who all enjoyed her endeavors.

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