Yuzuru Yamai

Yuzuru Yamai
Original Name
八舞 夕弦
Romaji Name
Yamai Yuzuru
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 18th
157.00 cm
Blood Type
90.00 cm
61.00 cm
86.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 478
Like # 423
Trash # 1424

Yamai Kazamachi are the fifth Spirit(s) to appear. However, by the beginning story, the original Yamai has already split apart into two separate Spirits: Kaguya and Yuzuru. Being identical twins, Kaguya and Yuzuru look almost the same. They both have orange hair, with a long strand on each side of their head ending in a tornado-like twirl. They also have mercury blue eyes and are close to the same height. However, watching carefully, both still have their individual characteristics. She has "the body of a model" as described by Shido. Her hair is braided in three portions, and she has a curvy figure. She has a vague expression and keeps her eyes half closed for most of the time; simply put, Yuzuru has a poker face. Her height is stated to be 158 cm, and her three sizes are B90/W61/H86. While her sister's Astral Dress is mainly purple in color, Yuzuru's dress is bluish-purple with a small cape and has chains on her left hand and foot. As for casual attire, she began wearing the Raizen High School uniform during her first date with Shido and later adopted the full outfit upon enrolling, including the vest. Aside from this, in contrast to Kaguya, Yuzuru seems to prefer more mature clothes. Despite being twins, their personalities are almost complete opposites to each other. However, they still have some things in common, with both having displayed a playful attitude as well as a mutual love for competition and each other. She speaks in a robot-like speech pattern, telling the point of her comment before speaking the rest. For example, when asking Shido to explain something, she would say "Confirm; Shido". Also, unlike with Kaguya, her speaking patterns are a genuine verbal tic and not just an act. When arguing with Kaguya, she tends to sneer at her and points out the flaws in her arguments. Overall, Yuzuru is the calmer, quieter, and arguably the more mature one of the twins, though she still has her own moments of childishness.

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