Zakuro Oshigiri Husbando

Zakuro Oshigiri
Original Name
忍霧 ザクロ
Romaji Name
Oshigiri Zakuro
Appears In
The Ones Within
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 25th
166.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 24072
Like # 23266
Trash # 24039

Zakuro is light-skinned and has a slender figure. It is said that his hair color is between blond and silver while his eye color is purple. He always wears a black mask that he never pulls down (but he takes it off at home and school). Underneath the black mask is scars that were left there and caused by his sister by accident. His style is originally western-styled, but now it looks like 8th grader syndrome. Zakuro has a strict & serious personality and he is easily swayed by the others. His behavior is very different between dealing with guys and dealing with girls, as he is quite rough with the boys (except Makino & Akatsuki) but shy with girls. He is not used to communicating with girls and blushes easily around them, he will jump off if he touches a girl (it's usually okay if he doesn't see them as a "woman"). Zakuro is also shown being quite naive, such as simply believing Roromori that girls carry poison for self-defense. Zakuro falls easily to Anya's provocation which indicates that he is short-tempered. Despite that, Zakuro also has a caring personality as he is often seen looking out for Makino and his sister, Sakura. In the manga, it was shown that Zakuro got his scar when his twin sister, Sakura, attempted to cut his hair but the former resisted; causing Sakura to injure the side of his mouth instead. His sister then went missing after playing Naka no Hito Genome two years ago. For two years he found no clue about his sister's whereabouts, even both the police and his parents had already given up on looking, so he clung to his only ray of hope by playing the same in order to purposely let them kidnap him so that he could search for his twin sister.

fair skin masked pink hair purple eyes scars twin
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