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Zeke Yeager was the former Captain of Marley's Warrior Unit, assigned to take the Founding Titan from the Eldians of Paradis Island. He was the inheritor of the Beast Titan, and was considered to be the strongest warrior by Reiner Braun, contrasting Levi Ackerman's title of "humanity's strongest soldier." He manipulated and deceived both sides of the war between Eldia and Marley in order to achieve his own agenda of causing the extinction of his own people, which he viewed as "salvation." Zeke was the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, the older half-brother of Eren Yeager, and a member of the royal family from his mother's side. In his human form, Zeke had a tall, broad, well-toned body with gray eyes, shaggy platinum blond hair, and a matching mustache that descended into his beard. He was seen wearing no shirt, loose pants, combat boots, and circular glasses. After his return to Marley, and the four-year time skip, Zeke began to sport a much more clean-cut look, contrasting his look while on Paradis Island. He had his hair cut much shorter, so that it no longer fell into his eyes, and sported a thinner beard. In his Titan form, Zeke was an extremely unusual specimen, having a distinct, ape-like appearance. However, his posture was closer to that of a human's; like typical Titans, he walked bipedally. He stood at a previously unseen 17 meters in height. Dark fur covered a large part of his body, growing on his upper torso, shoulders, limbs, and groin, while also forming a beard and covering his scalp. His face, ears, extremities, and stomach were bare. He possessed pointed ears and teeth, unlike most Titans. The proportions of his upper body were similar to those of the Colossus Titan, possessing a very broad chest which dwarfed his head, as well as disproportionately slim arms. Additionally, his arms were elongated, with long fingers and very dexterous thumbs, allowing him to easily pick up delicate objects off the ground. His Titan's eyes possessed dark sclera and irises, making it difficult to determine where he was looking at any given moment. Zeke was a very intelligent and curious man. He tried to communicate with Mike Zacharias in order to get information about the vertical maneuvering equipment and learn about Mike's language, though such curiosity was often characterized by a marked callous detachment. He displayed the traits of a leader, giving orders and telling other people, sometimes even Titans, what to do. While he was talking with Mike, he told the Titan that was eating him to hold him instead of devouring him. If his orders were not followed, he did not hesitate to use brute force. This was seen when he crushed the head of the Titan that was eating Mike as soon as it disobeyed him, or when he beat Reiner to make him and Bertolt focus on acquiring the Founding Titan instead of saving Annie. His decision to prioritize the capture of the Founding Titan over rescuing Annie, and his deduction that she was not really being tortured by her captors, demonstrates an ability to think tactically and prioritize mission objectives over sentimentality. Zeke also seemed to be a cold, ruthless and sarcastic individual, though not explicitly sadistic. He has killed human soldiers without hesitation and let a group of Titans eat Mike when the latter had exhausted his usefulness, outwardly indifferent to the pain that he was about to endure. Instead, he mused over them speaking the same language. However, in spite of Zeke's savage tendencies, he had been shown to take pity on the citizens living within the Walls. He had expressed that it is a "tragedy" that they continually sacrifice their lives trying to leave the Walls because their memories of the world have been taken away, viewing it as ultimately pointless. Zeke's condescending pity towards Paradis was strong enough to have driven him to outbursts of anger at times. To deal with these doubts, he often reminded himself during battle to not get worked up, and to find the "enjoyment" in life. Zeke's views on the Eldians' prospects in society were extremely negative and nihilistic (possibly as a result of his childhood and lack of attention from both of his parents). As a teenager, he expressed his belief that it would have been better for the Subjects of Ymir to never have been born. He planned to free the world from its fear of the Titans and the Eldians from their suffering by using the Founding Titan's abilities to sterilize all Subjects of Ymir, thus leading to their eventual extinction within 100 years. During Zeke's twenty-plus years of service as a Warrior (and later captain), he was known to be particularly efficient and ruthless. He acted highly militaristic towards the Warriors underneath him: he had no problem inflicting punishment or abandoning them if they should fail. Zeke would threaten Reiner with death if he continued his disobedience and, in the case of Bertolt, chose to simply cut his losses and left his subordinate to die in order to escape. Outside of the battlefield, Zeke displayed a drastically different demeanor characterized by a much warmer, more affable exterior and a kind of quiet charisma, acting humble around his superiors and being prone to cracking jokes. Zeke also appeared to share a friendly relationship with his fellow Warriors, though Pieck would later remark on how duplicitous and secretive he always seemed. Ultimately, Eren seems to be the only person he truly cared about, as he feels that they were both victims of their father. Zeke promised to "save" him before, which Pieck would note as the only time she could tell that he was not lying. Zeke's affection towards Eren had since developed into a near-obsessive desire to have his sentiments validated by his half-brother to the point where he was willing to postpone the sterilization of the Eldians until Eren agreed with him. However, this affection for his brother appeared to have faded after learning the way that Eren manipulated their father through the Attack Titan's future memory ability, disgusted by the way Eren influenced Grisha to kill the Reiss family, and subsequently abandoned his attempt to try and get Eren to join his cause.

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