Zelene Birkenbaum

Zelene Birkenbaum
Original Name
Romaji Name
Zerēne Birukenbaumu
Place of Origin
Giadian Empire
Date of Birth
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Zelene Birkenbaum is an antagonist turned secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Under Pressure. Zelene was a soldier and researcher from the Giadian Empire who developed the Legion. She was assimilated into the Legion as the first Shepherd with the callsign of Mistress. Her Ameise was designated as the Merciless Queen by the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package prior to confirmation of her identity. As a pureblood Pyrope it can be assumed Zelene had bloodred eyes and hair when she was human. The liquid micromachines imitation based on her had very long hair, a prominent forehead, gentle eyes, a slender nose, thin lips, and a pointed jaw. All those traits can be assumed to be what Zelene looked as a human. As the Merciless Queen she inhabits an Ameise with lunar-white armor and a golden optical sensor unique to the unit. The Ameise bore the Personal Mark of a goddess leaning against a crescent moon. Zelene is described as a soldier with a hatred for war, wishing to make unnecesary the lose of human life in battle. Her personal beliefs and experiences would shape how the Legion would operate. An example would be that the Legion could not develop its own weaponized aerial units, as she had a vehement hatred for aerial combat following her brother's death. Her speech patterns as the Merciless Queen were cold and mechanical during her interrogation in the Alliance of Wald until she started interacting with Shin and Viktor, there she displayed a very human behavior and slowly becoming more open when answering the questions, even showing compassion towards Shin, or laughing upon hearing of his love confession towards Lena.

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