Zesshi Zetsumei

Zesshi Zetsumei
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Zesshi Zetsumei
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Zesshi Zetsumei lit. Certain Death is the current holder of the Extra Seat in the Slane Theocracy's Black Scripture. She is also highly implied to be the illegitimate child of the Elf King of the Elf Country and the Scripture's former ace. Zesshi Zetsumei is a woman with heterochromia, for both her eyes and hair. One side of her hair is silver, while the other half is black. Moreover, the skin tone of Zesshi's body is apparently pale white. Though she looks fairly young to the point of looking like a teenage girl, her current appearance does not actually match up with her current age. As such her looks have presumably not changed or aged for a long time. It seems that Zesshi is bored with everything, as there is no one who can barely stand a chance against her. In spite of that, she was implied to have been a bit hopeful of facing eventual defeat one day by someone stronger than her through combat. In particular, Zesshi wanted it to be that kind of individual who she can potentially mate with if such chances are actually possible regardless of their looks or personality or even Race, expressing genuine giddiness and excitement at the prospect and possibility of how powerful their children could be if she indeed mated with such a man. Crazy and overly excited about that sort of idea, Zesshi yearns for a very strong guy who can help the former genetically conceived a powerful child that shared both of their respective bloodlines and genetics combined. At the same time, she hardly ever bears emotion or sadness for the death of someone from the same side. According to the Captain of the Black Scripture, Zesshi's attitude was similar to asking about something unrelated to her. For him, this type of attitude fits right in with the style of Zesshi. As well as usually ignoring an important announcement from the Cardinal Conference, like the circumstances of her own group. Due to the circumstances of her birth, she seems to be ashamed of her elven heritage and would constantly hide her ears. Zesshi didn't like it when others such as the Captain of the Black Scripture looked at her ears. Nevertheless, she is hardly filled with either curiosity or joy on any specific subject until mentioning a potential candidate for doing battle with. It was the urge to fight that spurred her to have such blood-lust emotions excitingly. Other than her blood-lust and desire for battle, the only other times Zesshi has shown strong emotion is when things regarding her mother arise. As it was implied by the Six Cardinals, Zesshi felt genuine love for her Mother and cherished her deeply enough to feel immense anger, hatred and contempt for her father the Elf King who violated her. Having already known her mother's fate for a long while, she insisted the higher ups of the Slane Theocracy to start a war of retribution against the Elf Country to avenge her. This goes to show that Zesshi is indeed capable of developing genuine feelings of love and attachment to someone despite her generally bloodthirsty and bored disposition.

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