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Zeta (Ζήτα), formerly known as Lilim (リリム, Ririmu), is the sixth member of Shadow Garden and one of the original "Seven Shadows", as well as a descendant of the Legendary "Beastkin Hero" Lili. She is the head of exploration and espionage, and also founded her own secret sub-faction out of disagreement with Alpha's leadership. Zeta is a female Beastkin from the Golden Panther clan, having blonde hair, large cat ears, purple eyes, and a long tail. She wears the customary Slime Bodysuit with a large cape settled over her left shoulder in the light novel, while her anime design omits the cape thus far. A stylized jacket embraces her arms and upper torso and opens under the sternum, where an area exposing her cleavage presents itself. Her jacket has a short frontal length that ends around her ribs section, while the back continues to the length of her calves, with puffy fur accents at the collar and waistline, and a section of exposed skin along the hips stretching into the back region. She also has an asymmetrical legging, with two solid gold rings circling her right femur while having three parallel belts circling her left femur. In the light novel, her suit has frilled pant cuffs just before her heels. In the anime and game, her leggings don't have frills but rather boots with a V collar and cuffed endings above the short heeled shoes with a simple gold lining over the metatarsal. While exploring the world, Zeta dresses appropriately for the location she finds herself in, especially in the anime. For a jungle when investigating a pyramid, she wore standard khaki shorts and a jacket with exploratory boots. Another instance was her in a snowy tundra amid penguins, she wore heavy winter attire. While riding a fishing boat out to sea, Zeta can be seen wearing a cute sailor girl outfit similar to a schoolgirl uniform, but this look is more personal fashion than a location requirement. Despite being a Beastkin, who is mostly known for being wild brutes, Zeta is smart and level-headed. While she still prone to getting into fights, she isn't as much of a "loose cannon" as Delta. She has also shown to be a tomboyish loner, usually doing her missions on her own and only cooperating on a team if the situation demands it. Compared to the rest of the Seven Shadows, the hatred that Zeta feels for the Cult of Diablos is so great and far more intense that she is so determined to do whatever it takes to achieve the Cult's destruction, which leading her to be even more extreme in her actions that she is willing to sacrifice anyone in order to achieving her mission that she would allow mass casualties to occur. Zeta willingness to do anything for her goal stems from her experience of witnessing her family and clan being murdered right before her eyes by the Cult of Diablos, even Zeta truly wants Shadow Garden to rule over the world with Shadow as its new god once he attained immortality to ensure that humanity won't make the same mistakes again. Because she had seen how hopeless humanity is for their unintentional role in bringing the Cult to power, Zeta is far more willing to allow collateral damage to occur. Like her fellow Beastkin, she also dislikes undergarments as she finds that they restrict her movement and thus she does not wear them.

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