Zhuge Kongming Husbando

Zhuge Kongming
Original Name
諸葛 孔明
Romaji Name
Shokatsu Koumei
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 14th 181
184.80 cm
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Zhuge Liang, courtesy name "Kongming" is the main protagonist of Ya Boy Kongming!. He is former Chancellor of Shu Han, well-known strategist of the Three Kingdoms Period (220 -280 AD). As his life reached its end at the Battle of the Wuzhong Plains, he wished on his deathbed to be reborn into a world where peace thrives. Thus, he is reborn to modern-day Tokyo, Japan. He is based on the Chinese statesman Zhuge Liang. Mistook as a cosplayer during a Halloween party in Shibuya, Kongming is taken to BB Lounge by two party people and hears the singing voice of songstress Eiko Tsukimi. And thus, his second life begins. Although history recorded that Kongming died at the age of 54. he was instead sent to modern day Japan, retaining an appearance and attire from his youthful days. Kongming wears a light green paofu - a one-piece long robe fashionable among scholars during the Late-Han Dynasty. The ankle-length robe fits the body loosely, requiring a wide, dark green belt to organise the fitting. His robe also has dark green ribbons for decoration. With sleeves loose and wide open, he is known to store items under his sleeves. His headwear is a green Jinxian Guan, worn by Confucius scholars that have reached adulthood. Confucius doctrine states that the hair should never be cut, and thus Kongming has long hair which requires him to tie it up, and even then does it reach to his waist. He also holds a hand fan made of crane feathers, rumored to be a a gift from his wife, Lady Huang. Kongming is naturally curious and inquisitive, he is also highly charming and his words can be persuasive to both friends and foes alike, earning him many friends in a short span of time. He can be seen by others as eccentric due to his insistence at retaining his long robe attire, but in reality he is very caring and attentive, especially to those that have provided help to him in the past. Kongming is not afraid to execute deceitful tactics though, and does not hide his smugness when his plan is about to succeed, often to the irritation of his opponents. But underlying that cunning personality lies a man who's scarred by the memories of countless battles, forging a profound philosophy that shows in his aura and tone. Anyone who meets him finds it hard to not respect him for the man he is.

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