Zorin Blitz

Zorin Blitz
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Zōrin Burittsu
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First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz was a antagonist in the Hellsing series created by Kouta Hirano. She was a lieutenant of the Millennium force, and was a member in the Werewolves, and was an Artificial Vampire created by the Doctor . In the OVA, her Japanese seiyuu is Yoko Soumi, and her English voice actor is Rachel Robinson, save for in OVA 4, where she's voiced by Helena Taylor. Zorin is a female vampire with ash grey skin and short, spiky, orange hair. She is very tall and muscular, giving her an imposing presence. She has narrow green eyes, with the right eye being much darker in color. She has a third eye in the palm of her right hand, which only opens when she is using her illusory powers. In addition to having a muscular body and androgynous appearance, her breasts are more conical like and bulky. However, Zorin's most notable features are her tattoos. They consist of a large pentagram on her forehead, a purple spiral on her right shoulder, and innumerable letters covering the entire right side of her body (or at least her face, neck, and arm). When she uses her illusion powers, the tattoos on her arm appear to slide off and spread out from her hand, being quickly replaced by more tattoos on her skin. Zorin wears a dark green halter top and the bottom half of a standard Letzte Batallion combat uniform (pants and boots). She also wears black gloves on both hands and is rarely seen without her silver and dark grey scythe. Zorin is extremely sadistic and bloodthirsty, often enjoying using her illusion magic to mess with her victim's minds before she finishes them off. She is shown to be quite cruel, as she gleefully shows her enemies illusions of painful past events, such as showing one of the Wild Geese mercenaries an illusion of his dead daughter, and Seras flashbacks of the day her parents were murdered. Like many of the other monsters in Hellsing, she shows little to no respect towards her opponents, calling the Wild Geese mercenaries "sad meat sacks" and Seras a weakling. It could be the fact that before Walter's betrayal, she was the strongest vampire in Millenium so she naturally underestimates her oppenents. She is also quick to anger and impulsive, which led to her going against orders and attacking Hellsing manor, resulting in her demise.

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