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Black Bullet

Original Name
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Burakku Buretto
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Rentaro Satomi and Enju Aihara, both forming part of the organization Civil Security, fight together in hopes of returning light to mankind. Enju commonly referred to as a Cursed Child due to her connection with Gastrea; among many other young females, aids Rentaro Satomi in a special mission given to them by the government. Kisara Tendo, leader of the Tendo Civil Security Corporation, guides said characters in their missions against the Gastrea parasites. After a Gastrea invades the Tokyo Area on April 28, 2031, Seitenshi summons Civil Securities to a meeting, informing them of the threat approaching the Tokyo Area. The many Civil Securities ready for combat as they depart to hunt for Kagetane Hiruko, Kohina Hiruko and the Legacy of the Seven Stars.

TV13 Episodes
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Display picture for Enju Aihara

Enju Aihara

Display picture for Tina Sprout
Display picture for Kisara Tendo
Display picture for Midori Fuse
Display picture for Kohina Hiruko

Kohina Hiruko

蛭子 小比奈
Display picture for Seitenshi


Display picture for Sumire Muroto
Display picture for Kayo Senju

Kayo Senju

千寿 夏世
Display picture for Blind Girl
Display picture for Miori Shiba

Miori Shiba

司馬 未織
Display picture for Katagiri, Yuzuki

Katagiri, Yuzuki

片桐 弓月
Display picture for Rentarou Satomi

Rentarou Satomi

里見 蓮太郎
Display picture for Mibu, Asaka

Mibu, Asaka

壬生 朝霞
Display picture for Kazumi Shiina

Kazumi Shiina

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