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Black Bullet
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March 21st
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Seitenshi is the governor of the Tokyo Area. Seitenshi is an extremely beautiful young female of pale skin and small frame. She is gifted with thin, white eyebrows and thick, superlative white eyelashes surrounding rounds eyes that encompass light irises. Her hair, which covers her forehead, leaving only several portions visible, is kept in messy standard; moving to the center of her face. A pack of hair falls directly to her small nose, in between her eyes. She possesses a small neck and thin lips, as well as ears that are hidden under her white hair. True to her status, Seitenshi is dressed in a fancy white dress. The upper piece is designed with several objects donning swirling circles all over. On either side of her shoulders there are two ribbons. The bottom of the dress, covering her thighs, there is an opening revealing partial portions of her legs, which are covered by white tights. The end piece of the dress is intricately shaped to resemble cherry blossoms. Seitenshi's head is covered by a white hat that has roses-like objects attached at the side. Seitenshi is rather serious at all times, and is prompt to give tasks to Civil Security Corporation without any hesitation. She seems to trust Civil Security to a certain extent, however, noted when Kisara Tendo questions sadher about the contents of a case she request be brought to her; she refuses to reveal anything. Despite this, she gives them the a mission of retrieving the case that, if failed, can cause destruction to the prefecture she protects: Tokyo Area. She keeps her calm even when confronted by people like Kagetane Hiruko, and at the presence of president Oose's corpse. Despite her cold demeanor, she is a good person at heart. She develops feelings for Rentarou.

blue eyes pale skin governor blue hair japanese long hair medium breasts serious think eyebrows teen bangs shoulder-length hair
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