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Duel Masters

Original Name
Romaji Name
Duel Masters
Parent Title
Duel Masters
Studio Hibari
Episode Count
Release Date
October 21st, 2002
Airing Start Date
October 21st, 2002
Airing End Date
April 4th, 2003

The world of Duel Masters is one of five great civilizations. Through a card game, duelists can bring these worlds into existence, making what was previously abstract into reality. These skilled duelists are known as Kaijudo masters. Shobu Kirifuda is the best player at his local playground, and seeks to become a world-class master like his father. His first step on the road to conquest begins with winning a local tournament. Rather, it should have, except he is destroyed by the best Kaijudo master in the world, Knight. Shobu loses, but upon remembering the words of wisdom his father instilled into him, decides to continue on the road of becoming a duelist who can enjoy the game for what it is. And so begins his journey to victory-and as we all know, the journey is the most important part!