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Elden Ring

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Long ago, the warriors of Lord Godfrey were divested from their Grace and banished from the lands — but with the promise that, one day, Grace would be given back after their death and it would guide them to their home across the fog: The Lands Between. One of them, or a descendant, is prophesized to stand before the Elden Ring and become Lord. Play as The Tarnished and cross the fog to explore the Lands Between. Discover the mysteries of this land ravaged by war and magic, journey through its world alongside the trusty spectral steed Torrent, and grow stronger in the face of death. You will meet many characters including finger readers, fellow Tarnished, and even Demigods; some who are open to talk, and others who will try to kill you on sight. With a vast assortment of weapons, spells, armors, and items, you decide how to level a fight, and by adjusting your stats and attributes you will decide your proficiency and means of survival.

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