Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
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Elden Ring
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Rennala was the queen of the Carian Royals, who governed The Academy of Raya Lucaria in the lands of Liurnia. Though Rennala herself was no demigod, she possessed one of the Great Runes, which was gifted to her by her beloved Radagon in the form of an amber egg. As a young glintstone sorcerer Rennala encountered lunar magic and charmed the Academy of Raya Lucaria with it, becoming its master. Renowned as a champion, she led the Glintstone Knights and established the house of Caria as royalty, ruling the Academy as Queen. When the goddess Queen Marika the Eternal established her new Age of the Erdtree, she dispatched a champion known as Radagon to lead her armies against the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Radagon fought two wars against Rennala and the Academy, both of which saw no clear victor. Instead, Radagon renounced his territorial ambitions and married Rennala at the Church of Vows, uniting the houses of the Erdtree and the Moon. Together, they had three children: Radahn, Rykard, and Ranni. After Godfrey, the first Elden Lord, was hounded from the Lands Between, Radagon left Rennala's side to become the second husband of Queen Marika the Eternal, and received the title of second Elden Lord.

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