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Rosario + Vampire

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Rosario to Vampire
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Youkai Academy is a seemingly normal boarding school, except that its pupils are monsters learning to coexist with humans. All students attend in human form and take normal academic subjects, such as literature, gym, foreign language, and mathematics. However, there is one golden rule at Youkai Academy—all humans found on school grounds are to be executed immediately! Tsukune Aono is an average teenager who is unable to get into any high school because of his bad grades. His parents inadvertently enroll him into Youkai Academy as a last-ditch effort to secure his education. As Tsukune unknowingly enters this new world, he has a run-in with the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya. Deciding to stay in the perilous realm in order to further his relationship with Moka, he does not realize that beneath her beauty lies a menacing monster—a vampire. Rosario to Vampire is a supernatural school comedy that explores Tsukune's romantic exploits, experiences, and misadventures with a bevy of beautiful but dangerous creatures.

TV13 Episodes
Display picture for Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore Shirayuki

白雪 みぞれ
Display picture for Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

赤夜 萌香
Display picture for Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

黒乃 胡夢
Display picture for Inner Moka Akashiya
Display picture for Ruby Tōjō

Ruby Tōjō

橙条 瑠妃
Display picture for Tsurara Shirayuki

Tsurara Shirayuki

白雪 つらら
Display picture for Ageha Kurono

Ageha Kurono

黒乃 アゲハ
Display picture for Kokoa Shuzen

Kokoa Shuzen

朱染 心愛
Display picture for Yukari Sendō

Yukari Sendō

仙童 紫
Display picture for Shizuka Nekonome
Display picture for Ririko Kagome

Ririko Kagome

籠女 李々子
Display picture for Kahlua Shuzen

Kahlua Shuzen

朱染 刈愛
Display picture for Akua Shuzen

Akua Shuzen

朱染 亞愛
Display picture for Tamao Ichinose

Tamao Ichinose

一ノ瀬 珠魚
Display picture for Kyoko Aono

Kyoko Aono

青野 響子
Display picture for San Otonashi

San Otonashi

音無 燦
Display picture for Tsukune Aono

Tsukune Aono

青野 月音
Display picture for Akasha Bloodriver

Akasha Bloodriver

Display picture for Apsara

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