Matama Akoya

Matama Akoya
Original Name
阿古屋 真球
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Date of Birth
April 8th
157.00 cm
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Akoya Matama, also known by her alias Loco Musica and her stage name Utaboshi Pearl, is a member of Lord's Legion. Matama has maroon hair with cyan highlights. Her casual attire consists of a button-up shirt, a ribbon bowtie, black thigh-high socks,and a pleated miniskirt that goes from just below her breasts down to her thighs. As Loco Musica, she wears a military cap with the Enormeeta transformation star, a micro-bikini top, an arm warmer sweater that resembles a sailor uniform, a pencil skirt that she wears starting just below her breasts instead of at her waist or hips like a normal skirt, and black leg warmers resembling detached arm sleeves that are tucked into knee-high boots. As of chapter 34, she is no longer wearing panties when she transforms. Matama is a cheerful girl. However, she is also quite narcissistic and very sensitive to criticism. She fears both Lord Enorme and Magia Baiser, finding them both similar in that they use sexual harassment as punishment. She is also childhood friends with Anemo Nemo. They have good teamwork when fighting together. However, they also argue often. In spite of this, they may have romantic feelings for each other. This is shown when Nemo cried after Matama told her that she (Matama) didn't need her anymore, and when Matama held Nemo's hands when they went shopping. She is terrible at singing except when engaging in exhibitionism, a fact discovered when Utena made her perform in the nude on threat of Nemo being harmed.

alias chest-length hair cuteness fang earrings fangs idol knee-high boots long hair magical girl multicolor hair multicolour hair nail polish over-knee socks painted nails periorbital dark circles supervillain thigh-high socks thin eyebrows twintails zettai ryouiki fair skin teen blue eyes blue hair cheerful childhood friend fang medium breasts pigtails red hair
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