Image for the work Gushing over Magical Girls (Manga)

Gushing over Magical Girls (Manga)

Original Name
Romaji Name
Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete
Release Date


Hiiragi Utena has always looked up to magical girls and fantasized about transforming into a cool heroine who fights evil. So, when a doll-like figure approaches her one evening, claiming that she has magical power lying dormant within, she trembles in excitement. But her colorful dream is quickly shattered in an ironic turn of events when she transforms into a villain! Disinterested in associating with the forces of evil, she tries to quit when a group of magical girls appear and declare war. A battle ensues and Hiiragi soon discovers that she enjoys inflicting pain on others as her true nature starts to emerge. Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete follows Hiiragi as she begins her new life as the leader of villains, fighting against magical girls and indulging in her newfound sadistic nature to her heart's content.

Display picture for Utena Hiiragi

Utena Hiiragi

柊 うてな
Display picture for Sayo Minakami

Sayo Minakami

水神 小夜
Display picture for Kiwi Araga

Kiwi Araga

阿良河 キウィ
Display picture for Matama Akoya

Matama Akoya

阿古屋 真球
Display picture for Kaoruko Tenkawa

Kaoruko Tenkawa

天川 薫子
Display picture for Haruka Hanabishi

Haruka Hanabishi

花菱 はるか
Display picture for Holy Tengeiji

Holy Tengeiji

天花寺 ホリィ
Display picture for Korisu Morino

Korisu Morino

杜乃 こりす
Display picture for Nemo Anemo

Nemo Anemo

姉母 ネモ
Display picture for Tanaka Michiko

Tanaka Michiko

Display picture for Randa Tada

Randa Tada

多田 蘭朶
Display picture for Momo Momomori

Momo Momomori

桃森 百花
Display picture for Roboko


Display picture for Tanaka Michiko

Tanaka Michiko


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