Korisu Morino

Korisu Morino
Original Name
杜乃 こりす
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 8th
124.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 11931
Like # 11059
Trash # 17948

Morino Korisu, also known by her alias Nero Alice, is a member of the evil organization Enormeeta. Korisu is younger than any of the other girls. She has blonde hair, and wears a simple sailor themed dress and hat, a string necktie and leather belt, and two small buckle shoes. She often quietly but intently stares with her bright red eyes. Her Nero Alice outfit is based on the Victorian-era character Alice. She wears a long dress, overlaid with an apron, and 2 large ribbons, one atop her head and another around her waist, tied at the back. 3 stars appear across her forehead. Inside her Dollhouse, she can appear as an adult woman, changing both her appearance and her clothing. Korisu is a quiet and reserved girl. She has a large collection of precious old toys. After Utena offered to fix a damaged doll of hers, Korisu has felt close to her. Korisu became a member of Enormeeta after she grabbed ahold of Venalita's tail. She likes to hold him, most likely due to his resemblance to a plush toy. She has been wanting to get a new toy lately. Korisu is calm and distant, as shown when she looked on with apathy when Loco Musica was forced to perform in the nude, and even yawning while Lord Enorme was stripped of all her clothing and spanked viciously. It appears that Korisu's silence and apathy is not simply borne out of shyness, but rather a lack of social understanding. During her interactions with Haruka, she didn't speak, and showed almost no emotion. When they later met again and fought as Nero Alice and Magenta, Korisu showed the same behavior. When Magenta decided to stay and "play" with her, she showed a sadistic smile. It is likely that after spending time with Baiser, this is what Korisu thinks a friendly smile looks like.

blonde hair facial markings fair skin hair ribbon red eyes small breasts very long hair pale skin short eyebrows
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