Sayo Minakami

Sayo Minakami
Original Name
水神 小夜
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 1st
164.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 5195
Like # 4534
Trash # 14401

Minakami Sayo, also known by her magical girl alias Magia Azul, is a member of Tres Magia. She was recruited by Magia Magenta She has long straight teal hair and she wears a teal version of the Tres Magia magical outfit. When in La Verita she wears what appears to be a version of a shrine maiden's outfit. Sayo is a calm and composed person, part of which is attributed to her being a shrine maiden. As shown in the flashback leading to her making the decision to become Magia Azul, she is also a brave person who does not hesitate to help others. However, after fighting Magia Baiser, she begins to change. She becomes more aggressive, fighting recklessly and putting herself in danger. Due to being restrained and tormented by Schiavo multiple times, Sayo has developed a masochistic side, having become eager to be attacked by Baiser again. Upon realizing this, she develops a hate for Baiser. However, after multiple battles, the hate changes and becomes an obsession with being "punished" by Baiser. After the midnight duel with the Enormeeta member, Sayo is completely submissive to Baiser, crawling on the ground, drooling lustfully and begging to be punished more, even going as far as attempting to lick Baiser's feet. When Baiser kicks her and gives a scathing lecture expressing her disbelief and disgust, Sayo regains her composure and throws herself into training with renewed vigor. However, her masochistic tendencies are still strong, as she pretended to be meditating under a waterfall while Tres Magia was training, when in reality she simply wanted to feel pleasure from intense pressure being applied all over her body. It has gone to the point where she obtained the La Verità transformation to be able to indulge in her masochism without anyone noticing, though Kaoruko was able to figure it out instantly. Her masochism and obsession with "fighting" with Enormeeta has gone to the point where she shows envy when Magenta or Sulphur get the chance to fight them but she does not, as seen when she glares enviously and drools after seeing Magenta without her panties after the latter fought Nero Alice. Recently, she's been troubled by sleepless nights.

brown eyes green hair magical girl calm composed pale skin shrine maiden transformation magic
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