Nemo Anemo

Nemo Anemo
Original Name
姉母 ネモ
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 23rd
Blood Type
Popularity # 13193
Like # 11384
Trash # 35915

Anemo Nemo, also known by her alias Leberblume, is a member of Lord's Legion. As Leberblume she appears to be wearing a blue hooded sleeveless robe open all the way up both sides and held closed by yellow rope with thigh high boots and opera gloves. Underneath she appears to be wearing some manner of sling bikini. Her hair is greenish tinged and she has a prominent ahoge. Nemo is a snarky and crude girl. She is also quite arrogant, since she has a habit of taunting her opponents. Overall though, she appears to be the most 'normal' member of Enormeeta and thus often acts as a straightman, calling out her comrades' ridiculous behaviors. She is also childhood friends with Akoya Matama. They have good teamwork when fighting together. However, they also argue often. In spite of this, they may have romantic feelings for each other. This is shown when Nemo cried after Matama told her that she (Matama) didn't need her anymore, and when Matama held Nemo's hands when they went shopping. Nemo also seems to be an avid gamer, as she has stayed up all night playing a dungeon exploration RPG.

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