Utena Hiiragi

Utena Hiiragi
Original Name
柊 うてな
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Date of Birth
November 14th
149.00 cm
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Hiiragi Utena, also known by her alias Magia Baiser, is the protagonist of the series. She is the leader of the evil organization Enormeeta, and attends the same middle school as the members of Tres Magia. Magia Baiser's outfit resembles a demon. She has horns upon her head, wings on her back attached to a corset, an exposed chest region covered by star-shaped pasties, and form-fitting sleeves and pants covered by voluminous skirts extending down from her waist and back. Her fingernails are longer and have black nail polish. Two stars appear on her cheeks, but more may appear as her power surges. After escaping from Magia Sulfur and reverting to her civilian form, two stars appeared on her eyes, hinting at her latent power. When she unleashed her power in battle against Lord Enorme, Baiser's appearance changed. The star points of her pasties became longer and narrower, the tailcoat of her pants became longer, and the waistband of her pants lowered on the sides, exposing her outer thighs. Her wings and horns became larger, her horns point upwards instead of curving downwards toward her face, her fingernails became large and claw-like, her teeth grew sharp fangs, and her hair lengthened down to her waist and became wavy. The number of stars increased on her body, covering her cheeks and lining her brow. Most notably, Utena seemed to have aged a few years, more resembling a young woman. After unlocking a new transformation dubbed the "ugliest flower" by Venalita, Baiser gains a demonic appearance. Her hair becomes white, her entire body becomes covered in so many tiny stars her skin appears dark, her sclera turn black, her pupils turn into stars, her nails become long black claws, and she gains cobweb-like markings on her skin. Her clothing consists of a black evening gown. After getting Reason and Lust to merge together, Baiser's empowered form has changed a small amount. Although still appearing as an older version of herself with long hair and a more drastic transformation, Baiser appears to be an older teen, as opposed to a young woman. Utena is a shy and introverted girl who longingly admires magical girls, collects their memorabilia, and talks about them passionately. At some point, her obsession had reached the point where she wished to fight alongside Tres Magia, but that led to her being tricked into joining Enormeeta by Venalita. Although reluctant to accept it at first, her true nature is sadistic, and she tends to lack self-restraint when facing magical girls. When she first recognized she wanted to humiliate magical girls, she felt conflicted by her past feelings of admiration. However, after a near defeat at the hands of Magia Sulfur, she now more readily embraces her sadistic side. At times, she can be simple-minded. She brushed off Lord Enorme's plans for world domination and became overwhelmingly bored while listening to her monologue. Despite that, she is still quite perceptive, as she was able to perform self-hypnosis to break free from her restraints to defeat Lord Enorme. She was also able to instantly see through Magia Sulfur's false act of betraying Tres Magia to join Enormeeta. After she escaped from Lord's Legion, Utena showed bloodthirst by declaring that she will make the "stars" of Lord's Legion "fall" while smiling maniacally. However, Utena's desire to be a good leader opposing Tres Magia and obsession with seeing them persevere through her treatment of them has caused her to develop split personalities, being separated into "Reason" and "Lust." Reason is the personality seeking to have control over the situation at hand, while Lust simply wants to indulge in tormenting Tres Magia to see their expressions. It is because of their clash that Utena's mind is in disarray, struggling to focus and causing her problems in her life, both personal and as Magia Baiser. In her empowered form, Utena becomes noticeably more sadistic, as seen when the humiliation she inflicts upon Lord Enorme is far more harsh and extreme than how she treated Loco Musica and Leberblume. In her "ugliest flower" form, Utena seems to have little to no sapience, simply acting without speaking and attacking whoever she sees, not discriminating friend from foe. This happened due to both Reason and Lust fighting each other then being overwhelmed by a dark force. Upset by her actions during her transformation in which she had no control, Utena decides to train herself mentally to prevent it from happening again. After running into Sayo at the shrine she works at and joining her for a meditation session under a waterfall, Utena successfully made Reason and Lust come to even terms and merge together, presumably resulting in herself having a more stable mind and personality. Utena often spends her time reading BDSM magazines, fuelling her magical girl domination fantasies, which has consequently led to her grades dropping, because they distract her from her studies. She also worries about her skin being too glossy.

horns black hair brown eyes fangs medium breasts primary protagonist yellow eyes
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