Haruka Hanabishi

Haruka Hanabishi
Original Name
花菱 はるか
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 30th
156.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 8258
Like # 7203
Trash # 27585

Hanabishi Haruka, also known by her magical girl alias Magia Magenta, is a member of Tres Magia. She is a classmate of Hiiragi Utena. She has pink hair in drills and wears a pink version of the Tres Magia magical outfit. After being corrupted by Baiser, Magenta's hair turns black near the ends. Her nails turn black as well, and her uniform turns into a tattered evening gown that nearly exposes her lower parts. In her La Verità state, Magenta wears a fetishized nurse outfit and wields a giant syringe. Her pupils become heart-shaped, and her drill curls change sizes. Magenta's right drill becomes massive and becomes similar to its appearance during her corruption by Baiser's hands. The left drill curl, however, becomes smaller and only goes down to her shoulder. In addition, Magenta gains a black bird wing coming out from the left side of her back. In addition, when being serious, she can be very attractive, though she seems to not be aware of it. Haruka is an extremely energetic, compulsive, and childish girl, always smiling and acting on her feelings. She cares a lot about Sayo and Kaoruko, admiring their strength and skill as magical girls. Overall, compared to her comrades, she is the most 'normal' magical girl in the series. However, she is extremely naïve and gullible. She put pasties on her nipples and groin, and believed it to be the ultimate defense to Magia Baiser's stripping scissors attack, only realizing how embarrassing it was to be wearing only three pasties in public after being seen by bystanders. She also fell for blatantly obvious traps at least twice, not realizing they were traps until after said traps were set off. There are two notable traps: the first is Nero Alice's torn cat doll intentionally getting Tres Magia's attention then running into an alley and leading them into Nero Alice's dollhouse; the second is a room in Magia Baiser's dungeon with a lavish chair and virgin cocktail under a sign inviting her to rest. Moreover, Haruka seems to lack intelligence and common sense as well. When in the park, she played in the sandbox and built an extremely tall enoki mushroom, ignoring the children who were annoyed by her behavior. During her "battle" with Nero Alice, she noticed that the Enormeeta member had the exact same behavior and made the same expressions as Korisu, but failed to make a connection between the two; however, the recognition inhibition may have prevented her from doing so. Despite all this, Haruka is an extremely caring girl who cares about her friends and will go through any trial to protect them. When reflecting on being controlled by Baiser, she felt shame and regret over attacking Sulfur and Azul. In her La Verità state, Magenta seems to become the "sexy nurse" stereotype. She is currently obsessed with playing whack-a-mole.

bangs childish drill hair energetic fair skin green eyes hair ribbons long hair magical girl mahou shoujo medium breasts pink hair teen thin eyebrows shoulder-length hair twin drills
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